Dear fellow colleagues involved in volunteering,

As the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals concludes its work, Forum members and wider volunteer involving organisations are calling for a post-2015 framework, and its associated means of implementation, that recognises and supports the unique contribution that volunteers and volunteer groups make to sustainable development. As part of this strategy, the International Forum for Volunteering in Development (Forum) and a wider task force representing volunteer involving organisations has drafted the Open letter to member states calling for their leadership and political will to ensure that the post-2015 development agenda recognises and supports all development partners, including volunteer groups, in order to ensure a vibrant, sustainable and locally relevant development agenda.

We believe it would be strategic to include a full list of signatories in the Open letter to member states and urge you all to sign up by Thursday 12th June. Simply email UNV-Forum’s Post-2015 Working Group Volunteer, Adjmal Dulloo: with your organisation’s full name to become a signatory of the Open letter to member states.

Download the Open letter to member states here »

Thanking you in advance for your support,

PS-We apologise for any cross-posting.

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