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It's official! 

We are launching our NEW class schedule
starting Monday Nov. 12th!  

What's new? 

Most of everyone's favourite classes are still there,
but we are offering a few new FRESH additions!

We have changed the start times to our evening classes, so more students can make it after work!  We have added more classes to the weekends!  Mindful Meditation classes coming, but we are going to announce that in a little bit, so stay tuned! 

*Hip-Hop All Levels Hatha Flow class on Wednesday nights!  Flow to the sound of the beat!

*Shake off Tuesday blues - Yoga Dance!  We are turning off the lights, lighting the candles and turning up the dance tunes.  Everyone gets to free flow their body in a fun, transformative way! (stay tuned for some funky new workshops on this!!)

* Breathe to Heal!  Breath Work Class - pranayama only! Release anxiety and depression, improve blood circulation and provide your body and mind relaxation!

* Stress Relief Guided Yoga Nap Class - We start off in sivansana!  Students will receive verbal cues for relaxation and students can fall asleep while the teacher provides sivasana adjustments.  Never get any quiet time in life to yourself?  Come out to this class, and it's 60 minutes of protected quiet.  We got you! 

* Lounge Music Monday Nights! - Tired of yoga music?  Monday night classes will now have a new playlist!  Imagine doing your Sun Salutations to a new sound!

HERE to view it! 
Our current class schedule is in effect until Monday Nov 12th!


~ a note from Jacqualine

Most of us don't respond well to change.  It's only human.  We are creatures of routine and habit, and there is comfort in those things.  And yet, when we hold on to the way they once were, we never get to enjoy new ways of doing things, new ways of experiencing ourselves and hinder exposing ourselves to fresh new ideas that we might actually like better.

We want to acknowledge that the studio has changed. 

It had to. 

The way things were running was great for the first 8 years,
but it stopped running well. 
I have put too much into the studio for me to let it go. 
We all have.

When students email me feedback about classes, subbing, teachers and the on-goings happening at the studio, I would be remiss not to have them addressed.  When new students come to a class and don't come back, I need to look into why that is happening.  I have put my time, energy, financial investments and LOVE into creating Jaya Yoga.  When it cries out, it requires my attention.  Many of you run businesses and understand, and for the rest,
I hope you can imagine being in my shoes.

In yoga, we create flexibility in the body so the mind is flexible. 
This is so we can process change with greater ease. 
If that is not something our students can empathize with, we have shared nothing.

With change, some leaves fall away.  Sometimes they are our favourite leaves, and it's sad. But, when leaves fall away, it creates space for new buds.  You will start to see some new faces around the studio (and some of your regular favorites will still be around), and I'm sure they will become some of your favourite teachers. 

Be open, and let's see. 

 My aim to is to keep JYC going so we all have a studio and community to share in. Anytime any student wants to speak with me about the changes happening, I welcome your questions.  I would love to sit down with you to discuss any of the shift.

Thank you again to everyone's excitement about where we are going. 
I am confident you will love the new us! 

This Sunday, is the date 11:11:11

Yes, it is Rememberance Day, where we remember the members of the armed forces who died in the line of duty.  It is a special day, and one where we pause from the busy-ness of our lives to remember those who sacrificed their lives for others.

For those of you who participated in creating your "List of 11" at the beginning of the year, this day will also have an additional meaning.  This will be one of the most powerful manifesting days of the decade. 
11 is the number of heightened intuition and creation. 
The last time we experienced 11:11:11 was in 2009. 
Before that, it was 1910!!

How to spend your Sunday?

Come take a class with us, and start your Sunday in a positive post-yoga glow.  Pause, and be thankful to those who gave their lives for our freedom.
Then, no matter what is going on for you personally, spend your day in gratitude.  Train your mind to focus on everything great that is happening in your life, and keep your vibration high by being in a constant state of appreciation. 
We know that may sound daunting, but try as much as you can.

What you focus on, magnifies. 

Let's focus on all the good that is around us so we can attract more of it in our lives.  
Did you make your list?

Read Jacqualine's BLOG
on the "List of 11"
by clicking
We have invested in new software that we will be launching slowly, over the next month. 

We will start to join the world of APP's, rewards for our regular students, points for referrals, class sub notifications, Birthday surprises and much more! 

We will update everyone once we are ready to launch! 

Stay tuned as we get caught up with our ever changing on-line world to bring more convenience and connection with you, our students!
We are evolving our reception area
to a brand new look and feel, with new products! 

To help us do that, we are
30% off retail SALE
until we clear out our current stock to make space!


Help us clear out our retail area and get your Holiday shopping finished early! 

We have salt lamps, Kitras (blown art glass), Essential Oils and yoga blankets, eye pillows and more! 

Our Fall/Spring Yoga Teacher Training
starts this Saturday Nov 10th!

You will start to see our new YTT students around during the afternoons on weekends.  If you cross paths with them,
be sure to offer your encouraging words of support! 
This course runs over the weekends and ends May 2019! 

We look forward to supporting them through this journey!


Our little studio made the Toronto Star! 

A big thanks to Keith from Puppy Yoga
for giving us a shout out!

Read the article by clicking HERE!

It's Raffle time!

Until Nov 17th, students will have the opportunity to...


It's very simply to play!

1.  Grab one of our business cards next time you're in reception
2. Each time you attend a class, present your card to reception, and we will place a special hole punch on it
3.  Collect 5 hole punches, and the card will be placed into a draw for
1 of 2 PRIZES on Nov. 17th!
4. Once your card has 5 punches, write your full name and phone number on it, and drop it in the vase in reception.  We need this information on the card to contact the winner.
5. Enter as many times as your card fills up! 

There is no limit!  

This more classes you take = the more opportunities to WIN!

There are 2 Raffles!

** Gift basket of awesome things ($165 value) **
** 1 month unlimited yoga pass ($165 value) **

**Please note:  Each entry will be verified againts the sign in sheet and class card deduction.  If the winning card chosen at the final draw but does not line up with attendance, a new winner will be chosen.

Have you submitted your OM yet? 

Go to to submit your OM
and be a part of the
2019 Jaya Meditation CD!

“Would you like to contribute your “OM”
to the next Jaya Meditation CD?”

by Jacqualine Haller

(Founder & Director of Jaya Yoga Centre and voice/creator of Jaya Meditation,
“List of 11 and ” The “AUM” Project)

If you have read any of my BLOG’s before, you are probably aware that I am the visionary behind “The “AUM” Project”.  I collect “aum’s (om)” from notable people around the world who understand and appreciate the benefits of meditation in their lives, and have an active practice in some form.  The contribution of their “OM’s” are attached to one of my meditation CDs to highlight the importance and benefits of turning our attention inwards.

Now it’s your turn!

Would you like to contribute an “OM” to the next Jaya Meditation CD?

Anyone can submit their “OM!”

Gather your family and friends!

Gather your colleagues at work!  Get together as a business or company!

Gather fellow students are your local yoga studio, chant “om” together and submit the sounds of your voices in unison!

You can even contribute your own voice chanting “om”

We are going to have some fun with this, and raise our voices as a global community on the planet.

It doesn’t matter where you live, you can contribute.  In fact, the more people that can submit an “om” the better!

It is time for us to come together as one voice around the world, and heal our planet through the healing vibration of "OM"

Simply go to my website at
Select the button on the front page that is titled “Get Started”

You have December 11th, 2018 to submit your “OM.” 
We will release this Album in 2019!

You can pre-order a copy of the recording at, and we will send you a download once the Album is complete.

Our global social community needs healing. Our planet needs the settling sound vibration of “OM"

Let’s come together and raise our vibration to the contribution of something bigger than ourselves.

You can read about The “AUM” Project at

It does not matter what country you live in or what language you speak.

It does not matter how old or young you are.

It does not matter how big or small your voice is.

It does not matter your ethnicity or your religious beliefs.

“OM” is available to everyone and it is within each of us.

Let’s create this together. Our voice’s will be combined together and will go down in history!

Don’t miss out!

What is “OM?” It is the most sacred of sounds.  It is in everything that exists.  It is the vibrational undercurrent that holds everything together, from the heavens to the earth and beyond. And while the vibration of AUM is in all of us, it belongs to none of us.  It is a part of the collective, and from the collective and this sound vibration, the world manifested.

I look forward to hearing all your beautiful voices!


Jacqualine (Jaya!)

Please note: Once you submit your “OM” to us, it becomes our property.  We need to make that statement here.  We will be recording and mixing the beautiful voices of our global social community.  Once your “OM” is submitted to us, we no longer can return it. We have all the rights over your recording.  Please note, your recording may not make it to the final album if the quality cannot be used.  Jaya Meditation has the final copyrights of the album.

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