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Lightware Newsletter - March 2016

Event Manager White Paper Available

Event Manager is a great addition to the built-in features of select HDBaseT TPS extenders, the MMX6x2 series matrices and the MODEX line. It provides a great advantage in building less complex configurations, saving time and keeping the budget down, without any additional control solution needed. The Event Manager recently received upgrades including new features and adding to the list of available condition/action settings.
We have created a separate white paper for the Event Manager, also including information about the newly available features.
Event Manager White Paper Download

MMX6x2 Series – PoE Capability

The Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability within the MMX6x2 series matrix is a great advantage which helps simplify power distribution in configurations and keep the budget down. The PoE function allows the remote powering of HDBaseT compatible TPS extenders via CAT cable, and it works on input and output ports as well. PoE works plug-and-play, feeding +48V power into the transmission line without any influence on the signals carried. The technology is safe, as the devices detect whether the far end is capable of receiving power using this method. Using PoE solutions is especially useful if power outlets are not easily available at target or source, or if direct powering would be difficult, as in case of a wall panel solution.
Learn More About the MMX6x2 Series Here

Installation Magazine Product of the Month in January:
The MMX6x2 Matrix

Installation magazine chose the Lightware MMX6x2 matrix to be the featured product of the month in their January issue. We hereby like to thank the editors for this acknowledgement, our pride couldn’t be greater!
Click Here to Read the Article

New Test Results by Lightware Testing Lab

The Lightware Testing Lab has finished testing new, Digital Projection, Christie and Panasonic HDBaseT projectors with Lightware equipment. You may have also seen these projectors at ISE 2016 in the Lightware Testing Lab DEMO. The Lightware testing method provides useful data for system integrators and designers of how Lightware extenders perform in an actual HDBaseT compatible configuration.
View the Test Results Here

Lightware at Integrated Systems Europe 2016

ISE 2016 in Amsterdam was probably one of the most successful exhibitions of the industry so far. Lightware presented the HDMI2.0 8x8 matrix in beautiful Lightware-red colour, which will be available in Q3-Q4 this year. We showcased the new features of the built-in Event Manager of the MMX6x2-HT220 matrix and featured other live demonstrations as well. Dave Jones, head of Lightware UK gave video presentations of the MMX6x2 and our HDBaseT TPS extenders.
Take a Look at the HDBaseT Product Line Video
Take a Look at the MMX6x21-HT220 Matrix Switcher Video

Did You Know?

Did you know that most standalone Lightware matrices can be placed tabletop, fixed in rack, under table and even installed vertically? For all versatile installation options there are optional mounting accessories available: ask your Lightware sales contact to inquire about installation options and available mounting accessories.

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