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Lightware Newsletter - April 2016

New Boards for the MX Modular Matrix Family

We are releasing two unique boards this month, both are clever additions to the modular MX matrix family.
MX-4TPS2-4HDMI-IB input board is what we call the ’Half & Half’ board, offering four HDBaseT ports for remote and four HDMI ports for local sources. The board is available in six sub-versions with analog and digital audio and PoE options. It is a great choice for those who want to upgrade their system in their existing or new MX chassis or simply have no need for a full line of eight TPS2 or HDMI ports.
MX-AUDIO-OB-A is an audio breakaway only board which has eight Phoenix type analog audio ports. The audio is de-embedded from the HDMI video signal and can be adjusted (volume, balance, treble, bass), further options offer phase-inverting and pre-emphasis.
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The Lightware TPS 200 HDBaseT Extender Series

It is never easy to find the best signal extension solution for an application, suiting the requirements and the expectations but without spending too much on features which may never be used. The TPS 200 series extender models offer a wide range of choices to ease this dilemma.
The series number will provide exact information to select the right extender. All models in the TPS 200 series include local ports, but while the flagship 220 models
(like the HDMI-TPS-TX220) also have GPIO and Audio ports, the 210 devices
(such as the DP-TPS-TX210) do not. The top model of the available TPS extenders is the SW4-TPS-TX240, which includes all available features plus a DP, a DVI and two HDMI ports as well, suiting every need an HDBaseT extender possibly fulfil, acting also as a small switch.
Compare our HDBaseT TPS extenders to select the one best serving your and your customers' needs by visiting our website.
TPS 200 HDBaseT Extender Series

The Prague Police HQ Project

The operations centre of the Police Presidium in Prague has undergone great changes in 2015, including moving and modernising the IT and AV technology.
In order for the work of the operations officers to be most effective, they need to have current visual information available at all times, with movements of patrols on the ground which can be remotely controlled during an emergency. Therefore, there is a large imaging display wall made of seamless LED panels sharing eight independent image sources taken from fixed or mobile traffic camera systems at intersections, highways, or directly from a rescue helicopter, the current TV news or GIS map sources. The complex system has a Lightware MX-FR33R frame at the heart with 30 independent Lightware HDBaseT based TPS extenders and was installed by AV Media. Click here to download the full description of the project in pdf format:
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Improved Packaging for a Cleaner Environment

At Lightware we always look for solutions contributing to reducing our carbon footprint and keeping the environment safe. The recent developments in our packaging methods allow for using materials which are environmentally safe but also provide the necessary protection for our high-end products while travelling the globe to reach their final destination. 
In our new packaging method the damage reducing materials are made of polyethylene foam, which can be recycled by re-granulating. The packaging cardboard boxes are E and C flute type cardboards which are printed in single colour. The net shape pattern on the boxes symbolizes the wordlwide Lightware network, and the connectivity and complexity our products represent. Most Lightware fiber and CAT cable based extenders and distribution amplifiers are going to be delivered in the new type of environment-friendly packaging in the coming weeks. The new packaging method will also be applied to our matrix switchers in a few months time.

Upcoming Exhibition Events

Music Inside Rimini (MIR)
May 7-9, 2016, Rimini
According to the organizers of MIR, this event is ‘more than the usual monothematic expos with static event format, offering a new, live experience and experimental dimension, creating emotions that will become business.’ Who could wish for more?
Lightware will exhibit in booth C5-086 and our team will present live demos of the MODEX line, TPS extenders, and showcase other great products as well.
Read More About Music Inside Rimini (MIR)
InfoComm USA
June 08-10, 2016, Las Vegas
Lightware will exhibit in the largest pro-AV industry event in the United States, in booth C4819, and though the list of intended product demos and other programs are not yet fixed, we can surely promise your visit will be both educational and entertaining, and hopefully over all useful. We will return with more details of the program later, but until then please do not forget to mark the date on your calendar in ink.
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Did You Know...

...that the Lightware SP2OPT optical splitter requires no power source at all?
Ever got into a situation where you had to split an optical line but feeding power at the point of split is problematic? Or would you like to connect an optical transmitter to two optical receivers the most simple way?
The Lightware SP2OPT is a passive solution, has no electrical parts and distributes one optical signal to two identical outputs. It is available with different types of connectors: OpticalCON, -LC, -SC and -ST. The Neutrik OpticalCON version works with dual channel cable, where both A and B fibers are split.
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