Are you StepsWeb-ready for 2022?

Do you need some fresh ideas to get your class ready for the start of the year?  Maybe you need help getting StepsWeb set up for new teachers and students? 

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We're here to help!  Last year wasn't easy for teachers, so we have produced some resources to help you feel prepared and ready for the new year.  This month's newsletter contains a checklist of what you need to set up StepsWeb for 2022, ideas to encourage engagement within the classroom and a FREE Downloadable Handwriting Workbook.

StepsWeb 2022 Checklist

With the new year comes new changes - new students, new teachers, new classes, new you! Make sure you kick off the year with a smooth start. Take a look at our checklist so you can rest assured you're prepared for 2022.

You can download our checklist here so you can check off as you go.

Download Checklist

1. Need to invite teachers to your account?
Do you have new teachers starting?  Educator logins are free.  Every teacher or teacher-aide needs their own.  We have a step-by-step guide to help you add new educators into the programme. Learn more.

2. New students starting?
Have you added new students to StepsWeb?  Adding new students to StepsWeb is easy.  Simply go into Manage Students and click the 'Add Students' button.  Once they log into their account for the first time, they will automatically take the Placement Test so they start at the correct level of the Course. Learn more.

3. Students changing classes?

Have you transferred students into their new classes on StepsWeb?  It's important your students carry over their progress with the new year.  Transfer your students into their new classes for a seamless transition. Learn more.

4. Students have left school?
If a student has left school, you may want to delete their account to free up a student license.  You can also deactivate an account temporarily if a student is away and you would like to free up a license. Learn more.

5. Need to create a new class?

Is your school adding a new class this year?  Simply create a new class on StepsWeb so you can manage your students with ease.  Students can be in multiple classes or groups. Learn more.

6. Have you made logging in simple for your students?

You can print out your students' usernames and passwords or change your settings to make logging into StepsWeb quick and easy! Learn more.

7. Have you favourited your class?

Remember to favourite your class! (Click the star button in Manage Classes) Otherwise you could get an influx of progress report emails in your inbox. Learn more.

8. Need any engaging classroom activity ideas?
With a new class it's important to get the students acclimatized to their new environment and classmates.  Having fun classroom activities that encourages engagement is an excellent way to get the year started!  See our Custom Wordlist ideas or make the most of the built-in wordlists already in StepsWeb. See our Facebook for ideas.

Need any help setting these things up or have any pressing questions?  Feel free to contact us
Please don't re-test your students!
StepsWeb shows you where each student sits on the Course, what age level they are working at and gives you results of their current progress.  We strongly advise against re-testing them at the beginning of the year as it is unnecessary and can cause stress!

Are your students learning remotely?
StepsWeb can be used effectively and efficiently either in the classroom or from home.  Feel free to contact us so we can talk to you about how you can set up StepWeb for remote learning.  Below are some links to help you through this.

Remote learning for teachers
Remote learning for parents

Custom Wordlists

Custom wordlists are a fantastic resource. You can use all the tools and activities provided to you by StepsWeb, but you get to choose the content.  Below is what you will need to create a custom wordlist:

  1. Go to Custom Wordlists.
  2. Click 'Create List'.
  3. Enter your words.
  4. It's as easy as that. Now you can assign your wordlist to the class and get teaching!
You can enter and record new words on StepsWeb and even use your students' own pictures.  Need help setting this up?  No worries! Click here to see our step-by-step guide. 

Helpful tip: Children love seeing themselves depicted in their learning - Using your students' pictures for Custom Wordlists will improve your student engagement.

Below are some ideas to get you started:

Meet the Teachers

It can be daunting for children to start at a new school, or a new year group.  StepsWeb is about helping students to retain knowledge, so making a Custom Wordlist to remind students or familiarise them with who their teachers are is an effective and fun solution.

School Facilities

It's important that students know which building is the library, or where to go for the nurse's office.  Just like Meet the Teachers, you could create a Custom Wordlist to help students understand how to navigate your school. 


Using StepsWeb for other subjects

StepsWeb is all about optimising learning, and with Custom Wordlists you can reinforce and support your students' learning across the curriculum. Teaching the solar system?  Make a wordlist so they can learn about the planets.  Teaching maths? Create a wordlist so they understand the difference between addition and subtraction.  The scope is huge!

Need help setting this up?  No worries! Click here to see our step-by-step guide. 

We've got you covered!

Downloadable Handwriting Workbook Freebie!

Learning correct handwriting is an important part of children's literacy development with significant long term benefits.  We've created a printable handwriting workbook for younger children (ages 6-10). 

Download Freebie
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