96 percent of the more than 140,000 second-trimester abortions that occur annually in the USA are accomplished by dilation and evacuation.


Help put life-affirming ads in student-run college newspapers.

Pregnant, on campus, far from home and the support of family.

This is the situation that leads many women in college to seek abortion. It’s no coincidence that the three remaining surgical abortion facilities in Wisconsin are located in Madison and Milwaukee within close proximity to the state’s largest university student populations.

Did you know that in Wisconsin the largest group of women aborting their babies is white women with 13-15 years of education?

What do we do to protect our daughter, sister, friend and the baby she carries in her womb?

This #GivingTuesday, we’ve got a plan to directly address this problem, but we need your help.
Here’s the plan:
  • Action: Place ads in student-run campus newspapers in Madison and Milwaukee.
  • Intent: Educate about the dignity of the preborn and availability of free pregnancy resources.
  • Need: Raise $2,000 on Tuesday, Nov. 29, #GivingTuesday, to make this possible.
It’s simple, yet effective.

To make your #GivingTuesday contribution early, Click Here and select “Giving Tuesday” from the drop down box or call Matt Von Rueden at 262-796-1111 ex. 15.

See examples of the ads on Facebook.

Pro-Life News

GOD'S HANDS: The abortionist seen praying in the video released by the Pro-Life Action League earlier this week claims to provide "Christ-like love" to pregnant women, and says she feels God's "spirit and guiding hand in my work" and "the support of thy spirit." PLW: Christ's love was sacrificial, not selfish like abortion.

DOWN AD: An advertisement meant to support World Down Syndrome Day will remain banned from French televisions after a French court ruled earlier this month that the ad could “disturb the conscience of women who, in accordance with the law, have made personal life choices.” PLW: French courts have redefined what is right and wrong - confronting someone who has made an immoral, yet legal decision is now illegal.

MEDAL OF FREEDOM: By awarding the founders of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Obama administration is sending the message that working toward the elimination of preborn children is a noble cause. PLW: The Gates Foundation has sterilized thousands of women in Africa and will continue to do so under the guise of health care.

VANDALISM: Vandals defaced a pro-life banner at a student group's abortion-victim memorial over the weekend - the second time it has been vandalized since being erected Nov. 3. PLW: The Illinois student group has promised to continue their memorial. We commend their strength amidst the persecution.

CONSEQUENCES: My boyfriend felt as if I was taking away some hypothetical choice from him (by saying I would never have an abortion), and, of course, taking away the freedom to occasionally have unprotected sex without repercussion. PLW: Abortion and contraception allow men and women to use one another without any perceived consequences or future thought. This was not how sexuality was meant to be.

TRUMP: Specific pro-life policies are missing from President-elect Donald Trump’s agenda for his first 100 days in office, yet pro-life groups are nevertheless hopeful about the future of his administration. PLW: Pro-Life Wisconsin will continue to educate Wisconsin's elected leaders on pro-life issues, hoping to continue successes we've had in recent years, regardless of the national landscape.

CELEBRITY: TV host Nick Cannon calls out Planned Parenthood for "modern day eugenics." PLW: We agree, and the evidence proves Planned Parenthood targets poor, uneducated and minority women in their contraception, abortion and sterilization campaigns.

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Pro-Life Minute #94
Giving Tuesday is tomorrow! Let's get a pro-life message to woman in college.
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