In 2011, 17 percent of U.S. abortions were in California.

#GivingTuesday was a success

Thank you for your generous support!

Thank you for saving human lives this past #GivingTuesday! We raised funds to put life-affirming ads in student-run newspapers on college campuses in Madison and Milwaukee.

Guess what?

With your amazing support we met and even exceeded the $2,000 goal! That means we’ve got extra resources to place even more ads in student newspapers on additional college campuses!

The lifesaving potential of this project just got magnified by your generosity.

Here are some of the potential ad designs. We anticipate running the ads in early 2017, when college students return to school after break.

Pro-Life News

PRESIDENT-ELECT: It is fair to say that the presidential election offers the pro-life movement some cautious optimism. At least at the level of rhetoric, President-elect Donald Trump indicated support for renewed opportunities to protect women and children from abortion and to protect pro-life Americans from forced complicity in it. PLW: We continue to pray for the president-elect that he grow to fully believe all children need protection from abortion, regardless of how they were conceived.

BABY BODY PARTS: Utah Representative Mia B. Love, a Republican, uncovered that Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast sold body parts to the University of Texas. The facility not only violated the Texas law, it dishonored the US law as well. PLW: Congressional hearings are still happening regarding the sale of baby body parts. Planned Parenthood and other facilities should be charged with these crimes.

CLOSED: The Ohio Department of Health revoked the operating license of the last remaining abortion clinic in the city of Dayton. PLW: The facility was unable to meet Ohio state requirements for abortion providers having privileges at nearby hospitals, and it was shut down. These laws are made to keep mothers safe, especially in botched abortion attempts.

ANOTHER CLOSED: The Chambersburg (Pennsylvania) location of Planned Parenthood closed its doors Wednesday amid a declining number of patients. PLW: Another facility - like Grand Chute in Wisconsin - that didn't have enough women willing to kill their children coming through the doors. We celebrate this closure.

REGULATION: Missouri abortion facilities would have yearly safety inspections and be subject to unannounced safety inspections... (and they) would be required to have all entrances and hallways sized to accommodate emergency equipment. Most of these basic, common-sense rules are required for every laser eye surgery center, yet, if Missouri’s law is overturned, would not be required for clinics performing the far more invasive surgery of abortion. PLW: Despite the nature of surgery - including abortion - pro-abortion voices demand eliminating nearly every regulation on these facilities, putting women at even greater risk.

THE ABORTION LIE: The abortion ethic is based on a lie: that the procedure involves nothing more than the elimination of a meaningless clump of cells. That lie is bound up in a nest of lies of which it is one particularly poisonous constituent, all of which are aimed at denying the relationship between sex and procreation or at denying the deep and wide-ranging consequences of attempting to disrupt that relationship. PLW: This article, which explains a new Texas rule mandating the burial of aborted baby bodies, analyzes how this country has swallowed the lie of abortion.

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Investigate before you give: the Salvation Army's stance on abortion.
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