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Bumbling City Council Backtracks on Buffer Zone

Published in the Wisconsin State Journal on Thursday March 6 and set to go into effect on Friday March 7, the City of Madison buffer zone ordinance is now in a state of limbo.  The Madison Vigil for Life federal lawsuit, seeking an emergency injunction against the new law, was filed by Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys the day after the Madison Common Council passed the ordinance on February 25.  Although a temporary restraining order was denied by U.S. District Judge William M. Conley, Alderwoman Lisa Subeck (the sponsor of the ordinance and former NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin director) filed a “motion for reconsideration” at the March 4th city council meeting.  This motion to reconsider, to be voted on at the March 18 council meeting, suspends the effect of the ordinance.

The City's "Buffer Zone" ordinance creates bubble areas 320-feet wide in diameter around every entrance of every building in Madison that happens to have a physician's office, clinic or hospital inside. In each bubble no person may "approach" within eight feet of another person to leaflet, educate, display a sign, protest or counsel passersby. The lawsuit alleges that offices used by physicians create bubbles around hundreds of locations, including the Student Government's office building on University and East Campus Mall, on State Street, on Capital Square, and on sidewalks outside UW campus' Medical Sciences buildings and the Wisconsin Primate Research Center.  According to Gwen Finnegan, director of Madison Vigil for Life, "No City can create a gag rule banning leafleting on miles of public sidewalks in places like campus, State Street and Capital Square, just to drive its brazen pro-abortion agenda against peaceful people who offer women compassionate choices outside of abortion facilities."

It is painfully clear that the Madison Common Council overreached with this massively broad ordinance that drowns the whole city in anti-free speech bubbles.  Alderwoman Subeck is obviously scaling back this ill-conceived law.  But as the City of Madison bumbles, pro-life sidewalk counselors can continue their lifesaving work unfettered by an unconstitutional restriction on free-speech.  We praise God for that!

ACT NOW! “Choose Life” Wisconsin License Plate Bill Passes Senate Committee, Awaits Full Senate Vote

Legislation establishing a “Choose Life” Wisconsin specialty license plate passed in the Senate Transportation Committee last Thursday after a public hearing the week prior.  Pro-Life Wisconsin thanks Committee Chairman Jerry Petrowski (R-Marathon) for advancing Assembly Bill (AB) 206. Choose Life Wisconsin, Inc. will disburse the proceeds from the sale of the plates to pregnancy care centers throughout the state.

Assembly Bill 206 is now available to be scheduled for a vote on the Senate floor.  With only a few session days remaining, it is critical that you call or email your state senator NOW and urge them to pass this long-awaited legislation. Please help make this plate a reality!


Please CALL or EMAIL your state senator NOW and urge him or her to support AB 206.

To find out who your state senator is, click here and type in your street address, city and zip code. The name and contact information of your state senator will appear.

Once you know who your state senator is, click here to find your state senator's email in our directory. That way PLW will receive a copy of your email which will enable us to monitor the activity of our grassroots advocacy campaign.

If you prefer to leave a telephone message with your state senator, call the toll-free State Legislative Hotline at (800) 362-9472. Or call your state senator’s office directly.  Thank you for making a difference!

Ambulance Transports Wounded Women from Madison Planned Parenthood 2 Days in a Row

Last Tuesday, March 4, sidewalk counselors outside the Planned Parenthood in Madison witnessed a wounded woman being taken from the clinic to an ambulance. Fortunately, the mother was alive this time, but her condition is unknown. 

The very next day, another woman was again rushed from the clinic to an ambulance. This time, a fire truck was present as well. "We witnessed a fire truck arrive, men run in with equipment, then an ambulance with more people and bags going in," a witness said. "They were in quite a while then finally brought out a girl wrapped completely and strapped to a gurney."

On both occasions, a Brinks truck arrived to pick up cash from Planned Parenthood shortly after the ambulances left with the wounded mothers. What a tragic irony.

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Affiliate Activities

Pro-Life Wisconsin affiliates will be hosting and participating in 40 Days for Life vigils from March 5 - April 13. 40 Days for Life is a focused pro-life campaign with a vision to access God's power through prayer, fasting, and peaceful vigil to end abortion. It encourages participants to be a visible presence outside of abortion mills and contraceptive distributors for 40 consecutive days, making a powerful testament to the power of prayer and vigilance.

For locations and more information on these vigils, visit the 40 Days for Life website or call 262-796-1111.
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Courtesy Announcements

The Men of Christ Catholic Conference will be held on Saturday, March 15th at the Milwaukee Theater.  The conference will feature many prominent and inspiring Catholic leaders and speakers and will be an opportunity for renewal and spiritual encouragement.  To learn more about the conference, click here.

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March 10, 2014



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