About 21 percent of all U.S. pregnancies end in abortion (excluding miscarriages).

Vote pro-life

Polls open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 8 in the fall general election.

This general election is too important to miss.

Exercise your right to vote tomorrow, Nov. 8, and encourage your family and friends to do the same. Vote for life, and may God bless America!

Pro-Life Wisconsin Victory Fund PAC candidate endorsements

The Pro-Life Wisconsin Victory Fund political action committee endorsed 24 candidates who are 100 percent pro-life and running for state office.

See the complete list of state candidates the Victory Fund endorsed on our website.

We are proud to endorse these candidates who recognize the personhood of the preborn baby and who hold the principled and compassionate no-exceptions pro-life philosophy.

Only when we have lawmakers who will fully protect preborn children as “persons” will we see an end to the scandal of legal abortion.

Read about why the state legislative races are vital to saving lives in Wisconsin.

Candidates for U.S. Congress who returned 100 percent pro-life surveys
U.S. Senate
Phillip Anderson (L-Fitchburg)
U.S. House of Representatives
District 6 / Glenn Grothman (R-Glenbeulah)
District 8 / Mike Gallagher (R-Green Bay)

Pro-Life News

ELECTION: While I don't endorse candidates (because people then think you agree with everything the person says or does), I do endorse the ideas and policies that certain candidates advocate. PLW: When it comes to feeling conflicted about either major party candidate, this year there's a simple answer.

CONTRACEPTION: A trial (for male contraception) was halted after 20 of 320 men dropped off the trial on the grounds that the side effects were too bad to bear. PLW: Hormonal contraceptives alter our bodies so much, we lose our femininity and masculinity. Why do we do this to ourselves?

TAXPAYERS: Planned Parenthood receives about half a billion in taxpayer dollars annually but it doesn’t want the public to know how much of their business is abortion. PLW: Planned Parenthood has been deceptive about its business practices for years. We saw earlier this year that they've committed Medicaid fraud in Wisconsin.

RACE: An African-American woman is almost five times likelier to have an abortion than a white woman, and a Latina more than twice as likely. PLW: Planned Parenthood's founder Margaret Sanger had eugenic plans, and they're still alive in abortion facilities in our inner-city neighborhoods.

MILLENNIALS: Planned Parenthood lags way behind when it comes to having student groups on college campuses. Students for Life of America has more than 1,030 college and high school groups and Planned Parenthood is excited about their 200. PLW: Each new generation will have access to better technology, which will reveal earlier and earlier the humanity of preborn children. Planned Parenthood is on the losing side of this trend.

LATE-TERM ABORTION: This article, about a married couple who chose to kill their 22-week old preborn baby because he had limited or no brain function, caused a stir on the Pro-Life Wisconsin Facebook page last week. The father said they made the decision "out of love for their son," but we know that it wasn't real love that drove their decision. They made a selfish decision based on their child's need for extra care after birth.

PRO-LIFE CLINIC: A Raleigh, North Carolina, pro-life clinic will open next to an abortion facility, after suing the city for obstruction of First Amendment rights. PLW: Location, location, location - we know that more lives are saved if sidewalk counselors can get women proper care close to an abortion facility.

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