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Continuous Learning means you will be able to adapt to ongoing changes at work.

The Nine Essential Skills:  Continuous Learning

Learning to keep up with changes

Continuous Learning is basically the ongoing process of acquiring skills and knowledge in the workplace. We can do this by learning from co-workers, or from training in the workplace or off-site.

How will this help you? It means you will be able to adapt to ongoing changes at work. More and more jobs require continuous upgrading and all workers must continue learning to grow with their jobs.

 What is the continuous learning skill set?

    •    knowing how to learn;
    •    understanding one’s own learning style; and
    •    knowing how to gain access to a variety of materials, resources, and learning opportunities.

It’s never too late to learn!

Here's an example of Continuous Learning. Carl has a wealth of experience after working as an ironworker for 40 years. That’s why some were surprised when he jumped at the opportunity to take optional certification training when ironwork became a recognized trade.

Carl wanted to know the logic behind the procedures and safety precautions he knew about through experience. As a foreman, Carl is responsible for devising the easiest, most efficient way to get the job done. “Before the certification training, I wasn’t always able to explain to my crew why it was the best way to do it, I just knew. Now I can explain it and that will help them to make those decisions themselves next time.”

Watch this video to learn more.

Continuous Learning is:

  • improving skills and knowledge
  • learning on the job
  • learning through formal training
  • learning through self-study
  • understanding your own learning style
  • knowing where to find learning resources
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