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Journeyman Matt Stovall keeps
learning new things and passing them on

Matt Stovall's childhood aspiration was to be a doctor. He wanted to help people.

Before and during university, Matt worked on a construction site and enjoyed the work. "I was in university to become a doctor, but in my second year I realized it wasn't a dream I wanted bad enough," he said. "Instead I found myself wanting to get back to the worksite to build stuff."

"It's a real point of pride for me to look around the city and say 'I built that.'"

Matt recalls the turning point for him. "At the time I was working, I thought I was a carpenter already," he laughs. "Until one day my site superintendent pulled me aside and said I should think about becoming an apprentice and further develop my skills."

Matt was quick to register as an apprentice with his employer and hasn't looked back since.

"At first I was a bit intimidated by the four-year commitment for apprenticeship. But the time went incredibly fast. I enjoyed going to school and learning new things, especially as you really start to learn more technical stuff related to your trade."

Matt achieved his carpenter journeyman certification in 2012. And shortly after was hired as a job coach/employment councellor, at the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies, where he helped apprentices, rather than patients.

Matt is now preparing to apprentice as an industrial mechanic, and will no doubt eventually help to pass on that knowledge as well.

"I'm building people, which to me is part of my trade. I really enjoy working with First Nations people and helping them to set them up to be good examples for other First Nations people coming into the trades."

"My goal in life is to keep learning, keep building on the knowledge I have and keep passing it on."

From the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship Trade Certification Commission newsletter.


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