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Writing is the ability to use the written word to create a clear message.

The Nine Essential Skills:  Writing

Getting it down on paper (or computer)

The ability to write text and documents;  We use this skill when we organize, record, document, provide information to persuade, request information from others or justify a request.

Writing includes:

  • writing texts and writing in documents (for example, filling in forms)
  • non-paper-based writing (for example, typing on a computer)

For example: Labourers in manufacturing jobs, such as in a paper mill plant, use writing skills. They may write changes on worksheets, such as recording the substitution of materials.

Brief, targeted training can have a big impact

A manufacturing company recently adopted a commitment to promote from within to fill vacant supervisor and management positions. Employees previously working in operations made the move to these senior positions but the company soon discovered a problem with their written communications skills.

 These rising stars had superb technical knowledge but struggled with spelling, grammar, punctuation and clear writing. This resulted in reports and documents that frustrated the reader, were difficult to understand and carried the potential for costly or even tragic errors.

Workplace Education Manitoba conducted an assessment and determined that what was needed was brief instruction in business writing techniques with a focus on clear language. It took just 10 hours of instruction to equip the employees with the skills they needed.

Watch this video to learn more.

How we use this skill

  • organizing, recording or documenting
  • providing information to persuade
  • requesting information or justifying a request
  • presenting an analysis or comparison
  • using the written word to create a clear message

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