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Employers are looking for enthusiastic people willing to give 100 per cent!

Apprenticeship next steps

Finding an employer – FAQs

Do potential apprentices need a resume?
Searching for an apprenticeship job is the same as any other job; individuals need a resume and cover letter to highlight their skills and experience. A resume is a piece of them that they can leave behind as a reminder of their specific talents. An employer may not have time for them to create a great first impression so highlighting all their skills clearly on their resume will do that for them.

What are employers looking for?
Employers are looking for employees who are willing to work and learn. They want to know that their employees are committed to doing a good job safely and efficiently. They are looking for enthusiastic people willing to give 100 per cent!

Key characteristics like integrity, honesty, reliability, commitment to hard work and safety - are essential no matter what the trade. Individuals should tell employers what they can offer them and assure them that you will be a valuable asset to their company. Specific skills vary by trade but a commitment to learning the trade is important above all.

Research the chosen trade to find out specific skills an employer might be looking for.

What tools, clothes, boots or knowledge are required?
Again, specific supplies vary from trade to trade. Employers will make sure the apprentice knows what equipment will be needed to work.  They can also research their chosen trade to find out the general equipment guidelines.

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