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Your resume is key to getting that job!

Resumes are like a favourite food...they usually have an expiry date. So if you want to give a prospective employer something to chew on, make sure it's good to go. The purpose of your resume is a to win an interview. It's an advertisement of YOU, so it has to make a good impression.

Here’s are some updating suggestions:
  1. Is it too long?  Look for unnecessary words and edit them out. People who have to look through a lot of job applications will appreciate your short and to-the-point resume.
  2. Is your phone number updated?  Including a cell phone number is best so you can be reached immediately (but remember to always answer it professionally in case it is a potential employer).
  3. Is your Facebook page presentable? Employers often check on-line profiles before hiring. Look through yours and take out anything that will make you look bad!
If you want to change your resume to make it work better for you, there is a great help page on a government of Canada website. It includes resume examples and templates. Click here to find out more.

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