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Seven job search tips

How to sell yourself 'as the best person' for that job

How is your job search going? Jobs just don’t appear on our doorsteps. You have to search for them and then sell yourself 'as the best person' for that job! Take a few minutes to think about the following questions, and identify where you think you may need to make changes, in order to land that job!
  1. Do you dedicate time each day for job searching? If not, you should. Looking for a job is a full time job and you should spend as much time as possible during business hours looking for one!
  2. Do you always look in the same place for a job? If so, you should change it up. Look online, job boards, employment centers etc. If there is a place you would like to work, you should call them! You might get a job before they even advertise to fill it!
  3. Do you have a clear definition of what kind of job you are searching for? A goal? If not, sit down and think about it. What kind of job would make you happy? What job would you be really good at and would and would support you and your family in terms of salary?  
  4. Do you have the necessary skills for this kind of job? If not, is there a course you can take that will help you get it? Where can you go to get the necessary training? Ask questions about funding programs available to upgrade your skills.
  5. Are you confident in yourself and your skills? Make sure you practice what you will say at the interview. Identify what your strengths are to yourself; and you will come across as confident to others!
  6. Are you respectful of others time? If someone has agreed to interview you, respect the fact that they have chosen to take time out of their day to do so. Be on time, and leave when they suggest it is over!
  7. Do you dress for success? The most important part of the interview is first impression. That part is easy if you come dressed clean and tidy. Make sure you always have an interview outfit ready to jump into if you are called to go!
Take the time to really think about the above suggestions. Nothing comes easy, but the rewards of landing a great job could make huge changes in your life!

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