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Young workers and safety

Watch out for 7 most dangerous tasks

Out of all the tasks young workers do, there are seven in particular that seem to result in the most injuries. These are common tasks in many workplaces. Click on the 'read more' links below for detailed info, videos and slideshows. The more you know, the safer you will be!

Danger #1: Lifting objects

Injuries include sprains, strains, and tears associated with lifting boxes, crates, bags, buckets, pallets, lumber, and structural metal materials. A significant number of these injuries are sustained by material handlers, retail and grocery sales clerks, labourers, and shippers and receivers. Read more.

Danger #2: Working at elevation

Situations in which young workers are at risk of falling from elevated levels often involve working on ladders, stairs, scaffolds, and platforms. Injuries also occur when workers jump to lower levels from vehicles or structures. Read more.

Danger #3: Working with knives

Cooks, food service helpers/preparers, retail clerks, and shelf stockers employed in the restaurant and supermarket industries are at significant risk for cuts and lacerations when working with knives. Read more

Danger #4: Working with hot substances and objects

Cooks, waiters, and food preparers are at significant risk for heat burns and scalds when working with hot substances or objects. Typically these injuries involve hot fats and oils or hot water. Read more

Danger #5: Operating mobile equipment or motor vehicles

A significant number of motor vehicle accidents involve truck drivers, couriers, delivery drivers, and material handlers. For more information, check out the Young Workers Behind the Wheel section. Read more

Danger #6: Working with food slicers

Generally, these injuries occur to deli clerks, cooks, food service helpers/preparers, and retail clerks in supermarkets. One in 80 claims is an amputation of a finger or thumb. Read more

Danger #7: Working near running equipment and machinery

Young workers are at significant risk of injury as a result of getting "caught in" running equipment or machinery in a number of industries, such as wood and paper manufacturing, metal fabrication, food and beverage processing, and construction, as well as machine operators, material handlers, bakers, and cooks. Half of these injuries involve conveyors, food and beverage processing machinery, sawing, drilling and milling machinery, and powered hand tools. Read more


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