Essential Skills
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Numeracy includes everything from making change to analyzing data.

The Nine Essential Skills

Oral communication: Getting the message across

Last time in our series on the Nine Essential Skills needed in the workplace we talked about Numeracy. This week it's Oral Communication, the ability to use speech to give and exchange thoughts and information. We use this skill to greet people, take messages, ask questions, reassure, persuade, seek information and resolve conflicts.

For example, in the field of finance, an accountant will use oral communication to speak with customers to follow up on overdue accounts, arrange payments, answer customer enquiries and discuss disagreements about accounts. Another example: An office clerk takes messages and shares information by phone and in person.

Watch this video to learn more.

Summary of how we use the skill of Oral Communication:
  • greeting people and taking messages
  • reassuring, comforting or persuading
  • seeking information & resolving conflicts
  • facilitating or leading a group
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