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A journeyperson can expect to be fully employed, and well paid as a respected member of their industry.

You're done your apprenticeship. Now what?

In Ontario, for example, when you complete your training as an Apprentice, you get a Certificate of Apprenticeship. If you want to, you can go for the next level of certification.

A Certificate of Qualification can help you get better pay, more job opportunities and more responsibility. Depending on your chosen trade, you may have to write an exam. To find out which trades write an exam, click here. To arrange the exam, you need to contact Ontario College of Trades to pay exam fee of $150: 1-855-299-0028 (toll-free); and contact your local apprenticeship office to book a date for your exam. Exams are offered year-round in ministry exam centres across province.

Now you're a journeyman
A journeyperson can expect to be fully employed, and well paid as a respected member of their industry. Many people remain working as journey persons for their entire career.

Experienced journeypersons are continually learning and developing skills in their industry. Career moves into foreman and  supervisory positions with higher wages, challenges and responsibility provide many advancement opportunities.

Apprenticeship is a doorway to many opportunities. Once valuable skills have been gathered; a journeyperson can choose to continue their training to expand into even more sectors of your trade. They can use their skills as a base for Technological or Engineering training at universities or colleges, start their own business or find employers all over the world and earn money while they fill their passport. Skilled workers are in demand creating millions of opportunities.

What is Red Seal certification?
Red Seal certification is the highest standard of qualification recognized across Canada alerting employers in all provinces and territories that you have completed the requirements to be certified to work anywhere in Canada.  In order to receive the Red Seal certification people must pass the InterProvincial Standards examination. Certain trades are not available for Red Seal certification so visit the website for a complete list of Red Seal trades.
Some of the nfo above from the Aboriginal Apprenticeship Board of Ontario.

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