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Apprenticeship: What's in it for you?

Benefits of becoming an apprentice

Last newsletter we looked at steps toward becoming an Apprentice. This time we'll talk about some of the benefits.

Learning, Earning and Experience: Working side-by-side with tradespeople who’ve experienced the ups and downs, will help apprentices to get a real feel for the trade. Instead of just learning about the trade; they are working, earning good wages while developing skills. In addition they are earning respect while moving toward a goal, and journey person status within their trade.

Demand: Apprenticeship is available among a wide range of sectors including construction, automotive work, and even many service industries. The options are endless and with a shortage of skilled workers in nearly all fields, apprentices are in high demand.

Pride: One of the greatest benefits for apprentices is the pride that comes with working with their hands on projects that will stand a lifetime. Just knowing that they had a hand in building bridges and buildings, things that they can share with future generations is a pride like no other.

Travel: With skilled workers in demand across the country and even in the United States, apprentices have the opportunity to work towards a career that can lead them all over the world. From building sky scrapers in New York to a bridge in Vancouver or road work in Toronto; tradespeople have the opportunity to experience many different cities and countries all while earning great wages.

Wage: Unlike post secondary education where learning is consistently in class, apprentices have the opportunity to start their career all while learning important skills. Apprentices earn a percentage of a full journey person’s wage which increases each year of their learning. Wages help to offset the costs of in-class training ensuring that apprentices won’t be left with hefty loans that carry over into the future.

Camaraderie: Working side by side with seasoned journey persons, apprentices can’t help but feel a sense of belonging and brotherhood that comes with working in a trade. Knowing that they’re working as a team enhances their sense of unity.

Next time we'll look at costs, time involved, and other factors to consider before pursuing an apprenticeship. And check out our website's Apprenticeship pages.

(Info above from the Aboriginal Apprenticeship Board of Ontario.)

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