In this special edition you will find information, resources and ways to take action regarding the Abortion Non-Discrimination Act (ANDA).

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ACTION NEEDED! Stand Up for Conscience Rights
The following is from the Michigan Catholic Conference
Each year, the United States Congress considers and reauthorizes legislation such as the Weldon Amendment, which prohibits government agencies that receive federal health care funds from discriminating against those who decline to take part in abortion. Unfortunately, loopholes in current policy have made it difficult for those whose conscience rights have been violated to voice their concerns. To address this concern, legislation must be adopted to allow for a private right of action so individuals are able to defend their conscience rights in court. For those who have not already sent a message to their federal Representative and Senators on behalf of the Abortion Non-Discrimination Act and the Health Care Conscience Rights Act, please take a few minutes to do so now.
To learn more about the need for conscience protection, read background pieces on the Abortion Non-Discrimination Act and on the Health Care Conscience Rights Act from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).


Time To Speak Up For Conscience Rights

By Richard Doerflinger

What if you spent years training to help the sick as a nurse – only to find that to keep your job, you must take part in the killing of a defenseless five-month-old unborn child?

What if a church in your town lived up to its teaching on healing the sick by providing its employees with excellent health coverage – but was told that is illegal, unless it pays for abortions that violate its teaching on life itself?

What if your local Catholic charitable agency were providing excellent service for some of the most marginalized people in our society – victims of human trafficking – but lost its federal grant to secular agencies that are less qualified, because it couldn't comply with a new government mandate to do abortion referrals?

Projections of a nightmare future, where respect for human life and religious freedom are a thing of the past? No, each of these things happened recently in our country – and will keep happening, unless we stand up as citizens and demand a change in the law.


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The following is a letter written to Senate and House Leaders from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Catholic Health Association of the United States, Catholic Charities USA and Catholic Relief Services