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As many of you are aware, The Libertarian Party of Collier County has been working with multiple liberty groups, parents and concerned citizens in the fight against Common Core and high stakes testing. 
This past Monday evening, the LPCC, along with the SWFL Citizens' Alliance and Parents ROCK, provided testimonies and presentations to the Marco Island City Council in an effort to get them to consider a resolution requesting that the Collier School District, the Florida Legislature, and the Governor repeal Common Core and bring Education control and empowerment to the local level. The city council voted 4-3 in favor of reviewing our resolution and bringing it up for consideration at their next meeting. So we are off to a great start!
This is an extremely crucial time for Collier County and the state of Florida in our effort to repeal Common Core, the high stakes testing and the data mining of our children.  We have been lied to and ignored by Governor Scott and the state legislators for years, but they have no choice but to listen to us now. They cannot stem the tide of this growing movement of parents and concerned individuals that are seeing the damage that is being done to our children. We need to work together with our local representatives and urge them to stand with us and be our advocates on this issue.
We need your help and we need your presence at these very important meetings. Our time is now! Please mark your calendars!

Tuesday, January 13th at 1pm We need as many people as possible to attend the Collier County Commissioners meeting at Government Center 3rd Floor Chambers.  Please wear a RED shirt.  We need a big turnout so that we can each cede our 3 minutes to key speakers as they will be explaining the evils of Common Core and the need for a resolution to the BCC. We will be presenting our case to them and requesting that they place our resolution on their next agenda for a full vote.
Tuesday, January 13th at 5pm--School Board Meeting at the MLK Administration Bldg. Auditorium  Please wear a RED shirt in solidarity for the resolution.
Tuesday, January 20th at 6 pm – Marco Island City Council Meeting. We will be giving testimonies against Common Core and high stakes testing. We have a good deal of support with the city council but we need to present a strong united front, as opposition has been building.  The city council WILL be voting on the resolution at this meeting and this will set the tone that will resonate with our future efforts. It is very important that we have a robust attendance. Please wear a RED shirt.
**How you can help in the meantime**:
Please call and/or send an email of support to the Collier County Commissioners expressing your concerns about Common Core and urge them to support the resolution that will be presented to them on the January 13th meeting and to have it placed it on the agenda for their next meeting for a full vote. It is absolutely essential that they know that the community is behind this resolution. Please do not delay in contacting them. We can’t do this without your help!

A copy of the resolution can be found by clicking here

Here is the contact info of our commissioners:

Donna FialaDistrict 1 
Phone: (239) 252-8601
Georgia A. Hiller, Esq., District 2 
Phone: (239) 252-8602
Tom Henning, District 3
Phone: (239) 252-8605
Penny Taylor, District 4
Phone: (239) 252-8603

Tim Nance, District 5
Phone: (239) 252-8604

From your friendly neighborhood Libertarians,
Jared Grifoni - Chairman                Peter Richter - Vice Chairman
Amanda Dillon - Treasurer
           Elsa Martinez - Secretary
Jared Jones - Activism
                    Paul Harper - Membership

                            Jason Hartgrave - Finance


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