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Simple Session 22 gold medals belong to Liam Pace and Boyd Hilder 🏆

After intense Simple Session 22 finals, we have crowned the kings of skate and BMX Street!

The skateboarding podium belonged to Liam Pace (USA) with a score of 82.75 points. It was a second gold for Pace after winning the competition in 2019. The second and third places belonged to 15 years old Hampus Winberg (SWE) with 80.60 points and Toa Sasaki (JPN), also 15 years old with 80.16 points.

In BMX, Boyd Hilder (AUS) took the win with a total score of 97.5 points. It was also a second gold for him at Simple Session after earning first place in BMX Park in 2019. Hilder shared the podium with Felix Prangenberg (GER) with 96,66 points and Courage Adams (EPS) with 95.33 points.

The Best Trick Award in BMX went to Boyd Hilder (AUS) and in skateboarding, The Best Trick Award by Sportland to Steven Pineiro (PUR).


Simple Session 2022 Skateboarding
1. Liam Pace (USA) 82,75 points
Best trick: feeble 180 up the kink rail
2. Hampus Winberg (SWE) 80,6 points
Best trick: kickflip footplant
3. Toa Sasaki (JPN) 80,16 points
Best trick: hardflip backside lipslide
4. Matias Dell Olio (ARG) 80,03 points
5. Koffe Kroon (SWE) 77,66 points
6. Elias Nilsen (NOR) 76,66 points
7. Steven Pineiro (PUR) 74,66 points
8. Arturs Bogdanovics (LAT) 74,33 points
9. Remco Erkeland (NED) 72,16 points
10. Diego Fiorese (BRA) 72,05 points
11. Yam Behar (ISR) 72,00 points
12. Antoine Laurent (FRA) 69,83 points
13. Daniel Moragues (NED) 69,25 points
14. Onni Saltevo (FIN) 64,83 points
Sportland Best Skate Trick Award:
Steven Pineiro (PUR)
kickflip backside 360 indy grab over the volcano

Judges for SS22 Skateboarding were Dan Cates (GBR), Pat Duffy (USA), Vesa Ikola (FIN), Kristjan Prik (EST), and Rudolfs Hencels (LVA).

Simple Session 2022 BMX Street

"Boyd Hilder from Australia took the win with a full pull of a run executing all of his signature high speed maneuvers in a perfect manner. His second run was the one to solidify his top spot position. The competition was intense up until the very last minute, as the top qualifier Felix Prangenberg from Germany had an unfortunate crash on his first run and was the last rider on the lineup - it all came down to his second run and it was the perfect comeback earning him the second place overall. Hilder and Prangenberg were closely followed by Courage Adams (Spain) with an intense combination of power and balance in his trick list," says Toms Silins from Latvia who was one of the three judges for BMX Street in SS22 alongside David “Hank” Cleworth (GBR) and Markus Wilke (GER).

Simple Session 2022 BMX
1. Boyd Hilder (AUS) 97,5 points
2. Felix Prangenberg (GER) 96,66 points
3. Courage Adams (ESP) 95,33 points
4. Jordan Godwin (GBR) 94,16 points
5. Kevin Peraza (MEX) 92,33 points
6. Broc Raiford (USA) 90,66 points
7. Anthony Perrin (FRA) 86,91 points
8. Joe Jarvis (GBR) 86 points
9. Reed Stark (USA) 84,16 points
10. Santiago Laverde (COL) 82 points
11. Jacman Hinss (AUS) 79,66 points
12. Stuart Chisholm (GBR) 77,66 points
13. Maxim Bespaliy (UKR) 77,16 points
14. Colin Varanyak (USA) 75,33 points
15. Alvaro Esquivel (CRC) 74,16 points

BMX Best Trick Award:
Boyd Hilder (AUS)
truck driver to opposite smith grind to 180 from the OUTBND banana to Converse ledge

Photos by Nauris Dollins (skateboarding) and Merlin Czarnulla (BMX).
Simple Session is one of the world’s most celebrated action sports contests which took place for the 22th year this year.

In 2022, 41 skateboarders and 49 BMX riders from 28 countries were competing for their place on the podium on the course in Põhjala factory. Simple Session 2022 is presented by Doritos and sponsored by Visit Estonia, Red Bull, Sportland, LHV, KIA, Daim, Ampler Bikes, Canyon Bikes, Äike, Kunstform, Outbnd, Balbiino, Metsä, VLND Burger, Värska, Postimees, MyHits, Ministry of Culture, and Tallinn City.

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