To friends of Changa, thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter and we hope to welcome you to our camp very soon.
Winter Approaches .......
It is a magnificent time of the year to be on safari and to enjoy the beautiful sunsets and clear blue skies that the winter months bring with them.  C
ooler weather creeps in as May fades into June. Surprisingly green for this time of year the vegetation holds onto its summer dress, while the grass, one step ahead, embraces the golden winter fashion.
The lake has taken us through a myriad of emotions this month, from calm liquid silk in the evenings, to thrashing tempestuous tantrums in the morning, with frothy whitecaps breaking the surface before thundering against the shoreline. And with each new day the water level rises rapidly, encroaching on the dwindling shoreline. 
Collaring lions and great sightings ......
May has been a breakthrough for the lion researchers, having successfully collared a lioness and a dominant male in the area. Lion sightings, with the help of the researchers have been fantastic this month, and we look forward to spending more time with the lions in the months to come.  To read more about the Matusadona Lion Project click here.
Elephants have also put on a show for us, with game drives having really fantastic experiences with them on the shoreline. We have noticed a sudden appearance of more and more breeding herds, often accompanied by little babies, still unsure of how to use their trunks, which are always a delight to watch.
The Cheetah have been very active this month, on two occasions guests and guides watched successful kills, a blur of tan and mottled fur, over in seconds. 
"I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up unhappy"
- Ernst Hemmingway
Beach diners, new residents ......
Dramatic blood red sunsets have been breathtaking endings to each day this month, and crystal clear skies hang over the Matusadona range, twinkling diamanté stars shining through a navy blanket. The milky way in particular burns a brilliant bridge across the sky.
Taking advantage of the cool weather we have taken to dining out of camp when we can, setting our brunch tables under shady trees in secret alcoves, or on exposed sandbanks under the glowing full moon.
We have welcomed a Giant Kingfisher into residence at camp, often seen perched in the foliage on our swimming pool deck where he is very relaxed posing for great photos. Other interesting sitings have been of the African Scops Owl, commonly heard but seldom seen due to excellent camouflage, so we were fortunate to snap this picture while he trilled into the night.  
As we approach June, the impala rutt still continues, the tranquility of the bush broken by guttural snorts and the clashing of spiraled horns as the males spar for dominance. These macho displays play out all across the shoreline leaving the harem herds vulnerable to predators.

And so life in the bush carries on, we hope you can join us soon.

From the Changa team.
Thanks to Jo Sharp for helping us to put this newsletter together and for all her wonderful photos "Bushlife Prints".

To all at Changa, we really had a wonderful stay and 2 days were too short!!! Thanks to everybody that helped to make our stay special’ - Cape Town, SA

Thank you for four wonderful days here at Changa, we shall go home with many good memories. The boat rides with Greg and the game drives with Kingsley were fantastic. Thank you all for the good food and for the friendliness with which we were received by the entire staff.' - Denmark. 

Thank you for the best stay, we wish we didn’t have to go’ - Harare

Love the camp, lovely setting! Thanks for a great 2 nights.’ - Arizona, USA


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