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Mystery Box #2 is Here

Hi Friend,
"This is Bullshit. How am I supposed to get any of the good deals if they sell out before I can even see them?", said one of our customers who missed out on the first mystery box, which unexpectedly sold out an hour after announcement. Sorry!
Compared to Box #1, this sequel has new prototype tools included at higher odds, and a wider variety of boxes will be included. Oh, and we'll probably wrap something in a page from the out-of-print Nintendo Power magazine from forever ago, just for fun. No, seriously.
We've made twice as many this time, and you Zen Labs Humans get a one month head start. Similar to the first, each $60 Mystery Box will be fully packed with at least 650 magnets plus a bunch of other random stuff, unless you win a new Mandala set.
Mystery Box #2
The magnets included may be Zen Magnets, Neoballs, Micromagnets or even Speks. Some magnets will be new, some might not be. Expect at least 650 magnets. Over $60 of magnets guaranteed. If you're in the 87% that get a prototype tool, feedback is appreciated!
  • 35% of boxes will contain our first public prototype of the Magnet Conveyor seen above. It's a two part tool to designed to assist in one handed chain laying construction. By sliding your fingers back and forth, you can feed magnets from the tip of your forefinger.
  • 52% odds of getting a near final design of the Flag tool: a variable thickness tool used for splitting, poking, slicing, and levering. 
  • 26% will include an imperfect Mandala box. Nice handmade wooden boxes that might have some dings or mistakes, but don't deserve the dumpster. No other mandala accessories guaranteed.  
  • 50% include sliding Zen bamboo boxes.
  • 10% get a newly released Rainbow or Multimetal Tesseract Cassette.
  • 1% chance of getting a brand new Mandala Set. Exactly 2/200 Mandalas will be shuffled into the Mystery Box #2 production.
For more details, click below:
Zen-Neo Mystery Box #2
Magnets must be respected, but need not be feared.
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You're still here? Pro tip: we're having a sale around black Friday. Also update your email preferences if you want more details about the legal battle, or want to be part of our lab group.
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