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  1. The Zen Magnets company may have to stop selling recreational magnet spheres as early as February 2021.
  2. We'll be the first magnet sphere company to include child resistant packaging with all of our high powered magnets anyways.

February 2021 Expiration

A paragraph of background for those here recently from the Neoballs side of things: The Zen Magnets company is the longest standing magnet sphere company. We’ve been in a marathon legal battle with the US Federal Government for 8 of 11 years of our existence. It’s because Neodymium magnets are dangerous if swallowed and may require surgical removal if they get stuck. Plus, like fireworks and trampolines, children find them appealing, and so they must be banned for adults… oh wait… Cue mental montage of a flurry of motions, orders, flights, depositions, in-court oral skirmishes, and the fiery sacrifice of 400k magnets in steel ovens.

Cut to the present. A recent court order was issued in the CPSC’s (Consumer Product Safety Commission’s) favor in the recall arena. Our lawyer says we have until at least February to keep selling magnets based on the expected ...
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Magnets must be respected, but need not be feared.
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