The Last BFCM Party

We're more and more sure that this is our last holiday season. If you have gallery credits or gift cards, please use them now.

Prices on overstocked Neoballs have been crushed down like a soufflé under a sledgehammer, and Zen Magnets are also available directly on the Neoballs marketplace for grouped shipping. However, there are no further discounts on Zen Magnets beyond the current markdown. BFCM20 coupon good on everything else, while supplies last.

Those feeling Mandala-set-supply-panic should rest assured there will be one last Mandala Set restock. We do have restock notifications working, so sign up for them here.

Final Neoballs Marketplace BFCM Sale
Get lost in the magnets. Don't let the magnets get lost in you.
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