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2019 Priorities Survey Results

48 hours has passed and 273 responses were collected from our 1730 labs members. Thank you for your participation :-)

In a nutshell: we should focus on video content much more than printed content, and prototype tool development is also a big priority. Also, you guys really want us to build a Magnet Chain Robot (that perhaps also cleans.) See the full results (including additional feedback which we'll certainly take to heart) here:

2019 Priorities Survey Results

In case you forgot the descriptions of the projects, here they are:

  • Magnet Videos - More tutorials, experiments, leveling up our Youtube Channel content, and acquiring the hardware and experience to do so.
  • Prototype Tools - Further development of prototype magnet tools, such as the conveyor tool and flag tool, maybe even doing a mass production run of the flag tool if there's interest.
  • Art Acquisition - Collecting and commissioning more non-magnet related art. Integrate deeper into art community and sharing unique visual inspiration with Zen Customers.
  • Printed Content - Investing more design time into our printed content, including but not limited to updated tutorials, booklet challenges, and magnet related stickers.
  • Magnet Chain Robot - Attempt to build a machine that turns disorganized blobs of magnets into chains. Acquire experience, prototyping ability and collaborative contacts to make it happen. Maybe do a kick-starter.
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