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Even though the median age of our products users is 35, and we have the most vigorous safety policies and strongest warnings of any recreational magnet set company, we'll finally be losing our 8 year fight with the feds. We'll be forced to stop sale of Neoballs and Zen Magnets as early as Dec 21st and are conducting our final sales at in preparation. 
Last Call for Magnets

A summary from our legal counsel:

"After the Tenth Circuit ruled that the District Court of Colorado erred in finding Zen’s due process rights had been violated by the CPSC in the administrative adjudication, it paved the way for the CPSC to enforce its Final Decision and Order (FDO) from 2017. The FDO, if it becomes effective, would prevent Zen Magnets from manufacturing for sale, offering for sale, distributing in commerce, or importing into the customs territory of the United States, the Subject Products.
Right now, Zen Magnets and the CPSC have been ordered to provide a joint status report to the District Court no later than December 21, 2020. So, it’s possible that the stop-sale provision of the FDO could take effect before the end of this year, depending on how fast the District Court issues its final order.

The incoming stop sale will not affect any other manufacturer or distributor of magnet spheres, including the many that still don't include any warnings or child resistant features or even those that explicitly - and illegally - sell high powered magnets as children's toys with little to no enforcement from the CPSC. Essentially, we must stop because we were the ones that stood up.

We've had more success fighting the CPSC than any company in two decades, and are proud to have fought for both consumer rights and magnet safety, but can't continue forever. 

We hope that the CPSC does not continue to dangerously mislead consumers, by implying that properly labeled recreational magnets are more dangerous than statistically more hazardous products such as balloons, fireworks, trampolines, or even playing football or skateboarding. An aspiring scientist or engineer will have to learn to deal with things requiring more responsibility than magnets spheres that are only dangerous if ingested.

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