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Contest 74: Unlimited Video Cybertruck

The final contest of 2019 is live! We're looking for video submissions of a Tesla Cybertruck created with an unlimited amount of 5mm magnet spheres of any brand or color.

Though the goal and shape is specific, videos always allow for a wide amount of creative freedom. You have the full range of creative liberty on editing, style, and effects. Just ensure that we see the final product from multiple angles, and you capture the building process (in a time lapse or montage or however you want to impress your peer judges.)

We've doubled the prize pool this month since contests that are more complex tend to have less participants, leading to larger prizes for the few who do. If you’re the only one to submit a video for this contest, you get all $600.

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Video Requirements:
  • No limit on number of magnets, brand, or size of magnets
  • Video must be uploaded publicly on youtube.
  • The title must have "Tesla Cybertruck" in it.
  • The description must have #zencontest and a link to this contest page ( in the video description.
  • Video must be between 15 and 120 seconds, at 720p resolution or above.
  • Video must show multiple angles of your finished Cybertruck, plus some active construction footage.
  • Submission deadline December 31st, 2019
  • 1 submission per person
Magnets must be respected, but need not be feared.
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