10 Years of Zen Magnets!


Can you believe it? 

When Zen Magnets was spawned back in 2009... AOL was worth more than Netflix (you know.. that $9/month DVD-by-mail Blockbuster competitor). You couldn't turn on the radio without hearing about the Iraq war, or how Katy Perry kissed a girl - and liked it. And it was in style to access the internet with 'Internet Explorer' on a Windows XP desktop, while wrapped under a snuggie. Remember when YOLO was still Carpe Diem, and dabbing was for stoners instead of middle-schoolers? A world before iPads, twerking, hyperloops, and fidget spinners. Bitcoin was worth like ten cents. 

We've hung in there for 10 years now, a tale that only 1/3 of small businesses live long enough to tell. An especially absurd milestone for us, considering how many times we were at the end of our ropes as the only one in our industry to fight the federal government (in a legal battle that would last 6 years). Our existence today was made possible from strength shared by supporters such as yourself. Thank you.

Along the way we've awarded over 8 million magnets to support community participants, reluctantly burnt 400 thousand magnets in an oven, developed new measurement tools/processes for magnets, moved offices 5 times, outlived one Toyota Camry, and we still have the highest quality magnets.

*High five everyone*

10th Anniversary Sale

For our 10th Anniversary, we'll throw a month long Zen Magnets sale like it's mid 2009. The prices will literally be as they first were, almost as if shipping prices and production costs stayed the same. We can all just pretend like 10 years of inflation didn't happen. And though you'll get the oldest prices, the product you get well be improved. The sale starts now, and will last through all of August, so there's time to tell your friends. No coupon needed. Here are the sale prices:

10 Year Product Evolution Comparison

Initial Price Original 2019 Evolution
$24.74* The Zen Set (2009) - It was just a full set of 216 Zen Magnets, plus 6 spares. The coating was as good as it is now. Might seem obvious now, but this set started the trend of splitter cards everywhere. Zen Booster Set - Nearly identical to what it was 10 years ago. Measuring and normalizing chain length started in 2013, resulting in better tolerance consistency of Zen Magnets between sets.
$30.68* The Zen Gift Set (2010) - Started as a black MDF box that broke at the hinge, with one very crammed instruction sheet. First usage of commissioned art.  The Triumph Set -  Outer UV box, with 2nd Gen Bamboo box inside. Now on v2.12 of "A Stroll Through Possibilities". Named after 2016 Legal victory. 
$9.50 The Mini Set (2009) - 72 Zen Magnets, a third of a typical set, a velvet bag and nothing else. Velvet bags used to be hand stamped, not embroidered. The Focus Set - Big aesthetic and content update for the retail market. Instructions include 7 tutorials and 45 challenges. No free shipping on this one.
$172.80** The Mandala Set (2011) - 8 sets of Zen Magnets in that sweet sapele box. No build plate, and one sheet guide. Was designed to fit the USPS Flat Rate Box. The Mandala Set - Sturdy 3rd Gen lockable CNC cut box. Includes hidden metal build plate and snap pallets as well as our most comprehensive guide. 
*Use coupon code TRIUMPH for an additional 20% off the Booster and Triumph Set. :-D
**In the event we run out of Mandalas at this price, the sale for the Mandala set may end early upon next restock.
Zen Magnets 10th Anniversary Sale
Kinda wanted to put more in this 10th Anniversary update, but this email is already too long. We'll save it for the next one.
Magnets must be respected, but need not be feared.
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