Magnet Ingestion Alert

We've recently learned of a 9 year old girl in Boston, MA that ingested our Neoballs and had to get surgery. While there are thousands of magnet ingestion every year, this one is a saddening stain on the flawless record of our safety policies which we've been so proud of for many years. 

All of the relevant information was blacked out so we are unable to figure out who the parents or physician is (or be certain they were Neoballs). But this is the letter from the CPSC we found in our PO Box a couple of weeks ago: Aug 25 CPSC Report Letter

While a full recovery is expected, we'd sure love to know more about the circumstances of acquisition and use that lead to this ingestion so that we can better strengthen our safety policies in the future. If you or someone you know happens to have any information that can lead us to this family (or physician) in Boston, MA, please put us in touch in the name of safety. (We promise we're not going to guilt the family or anything like that, and if this was your kid, Zero Judgement Guaranteed.)


Real Talk Reminder

Despite a recent poll showing the median age of our users being 34, the CPSC will use these accidents against not just us, but to push to push the nationwide all ages ban on high powered recreational magnet spheres for adults and older teenagers. So.. don't let kids swallow magnets, or we all can't have nice things. 

Read all the warnings, never keep them near your face, and don't share the magnets with anyone who isn't fully cognizant of the hazards. Although 99.99%+ of our customers are using magnets perfectly responsibly, the fact that we've been leading the fight against a prohibition on recreational magnet spheres does mean our safety record is especially under the spotlight. 

More updates on the struggle against CPSC's Magnet Prohibition next month. Nothing good unfortunately.
Get lost in the magnets, don't let the magnets get lost in you (or a kid)
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