The Pendulum Swings

It's starting to feel like 2011 all over again. Other companies sell irresponsibly, cause a flood of injuries, but Zen Magnets gets the blame because we're the name brand, even though one of the primary reasons we prevailed in the first place was precisely because we didn't sell like other companies.

And - make no mistake - the claim that magnet ingestion injuries are rising is true. The NEISS database shows more magnet ingestion in 2017 and 2018 than the worst of 2011 and 2012 (you know, the years that lead to the ban.) Amazon alone is selling 20,000 sets (via AMZscout) of magnet spheres per month, often with no warnings, false claims of not being high powered magnets, at the lowest price and quality possible. (And all this despite Amazon's own "No High Powered Magnets" policy, which is being unenforced. FYI, Amazon sells an order of magnitude more knockoffs with no warnings or labels at all, than Zen sells magnets covered with warnings on it's own site where the hazards are practically shoved in your face. 

The article asks, "Are these products any safer than they were six years ago? Does the required safety warning on the packaging of rare-earth toy magnets do enough to mitigate risk?"

No, no and no? Then how about work to address the actual problems. Ask patients where they are getting the magnets instead of naming the firms that are part of the solution. Work with the ASTM group that Zen, CPSC, AAP,  and others are in to develop new standard for sales, labeling, packaging and sales. Zen was the first (and only) to petition the CPSC for new regulations as soon as the ban dismounted, but without much result. 

It's frustrating how backwards the pediatrician authors of the above article are grasping the problem. We should their biggest ally. Their aiming their panic alarm directly towards another prohibition, which we already know won't work.

Again, Zen Magnets has always wanted reasonable regulation, and to work with both regulators and medical advocates to develop an appropriate safety plan. We defeated both the recall suit, and the federal ban on magnet spheres, largely because we didn't sell the way others in our industry did. We weren't the ones to sell them as children's toys, nor are we the ones flooding the market right now with unlabeled and unsafely marketed magnets. 

That article isn't the only one. How do we stop this Déjà vu? Arggggg 😠

/End Spontanous Rant. Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes.

Magnets must be respected, but need not be feared.
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*Via AMZscout estimates
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