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420 Mega Sale


April 20th is almost here.

For 24 hours we'll briefly sacrifice the shop with unsustainably low prices so that scrupulous deal-sapiens such as yourself, can sabotage their spare seconds with those sweet shimmery smooth Zen Magnet spheres you've been salivating for. Whether you simply need to snag several more sets of shiny super magnets for your sensational sculpture, or were waiting for a signal to sway you towards starting a satisfyingly sophisticated hobby (that's simultaneously stimulating for your fingers and sanity), this is the sale you seek.

The visible prices are low for the whole weekend, but the true 420 sale starts when the front page countdown strikes zero. For 24 hours, starting April 20th, 4:20pm Mountain [Calendar Link], use the coupon 420 for an additional 30% off everything on while supplies last. The guaranteed cheapest you'll find the highest quality magnet spheres science can reliably produce.

If the "420" coupon code isn't working for you, it's because the sale hasn't started yet, silly.  

If want to give the Zen brand a boost, tell a friend. Or better yet purchase without using the coupon. Just kidding Friend use the coupon.
Countdown to the 420 Sale

Neoballs & Micromagnets Too

If you don't need ultra precise magnets, the 420 coupon is good for 30% off everything on too. Ignore the lesser coupon displayed on site when the sale starts. Neoballs come in a variety of colors and coatings, and while still such higher quality than the competition, are going to be outrageously cheap during the sale. We'll let the prices speak for themselves soon.

We've dropped the free domestic shipping minimum from $100 to $50 for the weekend for Micromagnets and all sets of Neoballs available at the Neoballs Marketplace. Any quantity of Zen Magnets ships free.
Neoballs 420 Sale Collection
Magnets must be respected, but need not be feared.
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