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Welcome to the first edition of Seasons my seasonal newsletter for Five Element Acupuncture.

So What’s This All About?

The purpose of the newsletter is to reconnect with some of you that I may not have seen for a while, and to remind you of the benefits of Five Element Acupuncture. I’d also like to provide regular patients with some more detailed information on the Elements, and to generally spread the word about this wonderful system of healing.  Each edition will focus on the prevailing Element of the season.

And now, down to business with…   

Autumn and the Metal Element

The best place to look in order to learn about the quality of an Element is its corresponding season.  Right now we’re in autumn, which expresses the energy of the Metal Element. The days are becoming shorter and the weather crisp and cool (…well, it’s supposed to be, anyway!). There is a descending and contracting movement of energy. The trees are drawing in their vital resources in preparation for the winter, and letting go of what is no longer of value by shedding their leaves. This is a great illustration of the Metal element at work. Metal is concerned with that which is of value and quality, but it is also concerned with letting go of that which is no longer needed.

Obviously, Autumn is a great time for Metal people to really benefit from a treatment.   And of course, what is a newsletter without a special offer - all readers of Seasons can book a tune-up treatment during autumn for $50.


What have I been up to?

As many of you know, I’ve been jet-setting lately (to play music) – most recently to Egypt, and late last year to Canada. 

From Canada I flew to the USA to do some training with Judy Becker Worsley, the designated Master of this style of acupuncture. It was truly eye-opening! Judy’s level of skill and the subtlety of her perception is something to behold. I’ve had the pleasure of training with her on a couple of occasions now and it has transformed my practice in a really positive way.

I can’t wait for the next opportunity! 


Metal and the 

The Metal element manifests physically through the Lungs and the Colon.

We can see Metal at work through the breathing process – first the inhalation, drawing in the most precious of resources that we need for survival; then, through exhalation, letting go of that which is no longer of value.

The Colon, too, absorbs the very last traces of what we can use, before letting go of our waste.


Metal and the Mind

The dynamics of the Metal Element described above are at work on all levels – not just the physical.
For example, is our thinking process clear, crisp and of high quality, or is it clogged with rubbish that is no longer relevant? Is there some purity in our thoughts, or are our minds “in the gutter”? Are the belief systems that guide our lives serving us? Do they still have value and truth for us, or would we benefit by letting some of them go? Do we experience undue stress because we set unreasonable expectations for ourselves? Can we accept and value our own human-ness?  

Metal and the Spirit

Perhaps it is fair to say that, of all the elements, it is Metal that longs for the perfection of spirit most of all.

It is said that Metal, through the Lungs, provides our “connection to the heavens” – to that which is beyond our finite selves. Yet Metal feels very keenly the (perceived) separation from the Infinite (although it may not always conceptualise it as such!)

Perhaps this is the root of the grief which is the resonant emotion for Metal – a yearning for what could have been, for that which seems unattainable

Next Season… Winter and Water 

In the next issue we will explore the properties of the Water element and winter. Some words as a taster: …fear, power, relentless drive, hidden, deep, still, raging, overwhelming, calm, peaceful…

I love my work. I feel truly grateful to be doing this for a living. I’m passionate about Five Element acupuncture, and it really is an honour to be able to work with people on their healing journeys.  Of course, I am always happy to answer any questions you may have and hopefully I'll see lots of you for a tune-up soon!

Until next Season.......

Mark Hoppe
Five Element Acupuncture

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