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Hello Comrades!

   Straight to the point with an important update...   

As you know from the information at 1KFA info, we're embarking on quite an adventure with the 1 KINGDOM for ALL channel to prepare this media resource for the future and to safeguard its valuable content — especially the content which is yet to come!

This is an update from the two (2) September 11 bulletins
linked at 1KFA's information space regarding
the channel's uneXpected "respite"
perhaps until early October.

Well, by the time some of you read this,
the earliest days of October
will have almost or fully arrived!

And, progress is being made.


As we prepare to enter our 7th year of promoting a KINGDOM paradigm at 1 KINGDOM for ALL, we'd like to share with you one of our goals regarding the retooling of the channel without getting into technical details.

Besides removing ALL videos that do not belong at the channel in our immediate future, we will also begin adding much more of the original content we've been commissioned for since the beginning.

Specifically, the focus of higher learning includes the KINGDOM of GOD that our Messiah KING expressly (and exclusively) preached and taught, and HIS Ekklesia of that KINGDOM that HE is committed to building — a glorious end-time temple and a house of prayer for all nations (one not built with human hands) for HIM and HIS Father to dwell.


It was in October 2014 that we began preparing the channel for a November 1, 2014 launch.  By GOD's grace (and mercy) and with ALL our prayers in the Spirit, we Xpect to see the "1 KINGDOM for ALL" channel restored in early October 2020, so that we can do the much needed work of pruning and restructuring for a completely overhauled work by November 2020.

It would be an ambitious task if our goal was December 31.  However, with Help from Heaven's Forces and supernatural grace to keep up with HOLY SPIRIT, we believe that whatever needs to be done immediately including the new structure HE wants in place can be completed by November 1. 

From there, we can begin to gradually accelerate the population of the 1KFA channel with pure biblical revelatory insight into the KINGDOM of GOD and its Heavenly Ekklesia, which is now being established on the Earth.

BUT FIRST, we need the 1KFA channel restored to the PUBLIC
so that even WE can access YouTube's Studio and
complete the work appointed to be done.



We appreciate your spirit-prayers and any other actions of FAITH you are led into by the HOLY SPIRIT.  By the grace of GOD, we will do our part to ensure that EVERYTHING works to the benefit of the KINGDOM!

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