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  More clarity .... more forward motion!  

The 1KFA information online has been updated again!

We were pleasantly surprised when we discovered an inaccurate unperceived "assumption" in our willingness to build three (3) separate resources because of how distinctly focused each can be apart from the others.  GOD was pleased with our willingness, but HE (thru our angelic partners) guided us into a more perfect way with the immediate launch of the new media projects.

Visit the NEW 1KFA Information Space to learn what we discovered today when we opened a new channel at youtube to begin allowing subscriptions from our InnerCircles abroad!


1KFA Projects is linked from the Information Space and BOTH have updated content that represents the new clarity we gained today. 

Whenever you have some time to read everything, we recommend it!

Let's Xpect more
than we can IMAGINE
this HOLYday Season!


We appreciate your spirit-prayers and any other actions of FAITH you are led into by the HOLY SPIRIT.  By the grace of GOD, we will do our part to ensure that EVERYTHING works to the benefit of the KINGDOM as a result of the deeply planted spiritual seed that 1KFA has become!

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