WaveDNA Announces Liquid Rhythm v1.4

Chandra Lynn

WaveDNA Announces Liquid Rhythm v1.4

June 18, 2014 - Toronto, Canada -- WaveDNA is proud to announce Liquid Rhythm v1.4. This latest version features a collection of new and exciting tools, among them are: BeatForm Editing to draw or paint with clusters of notes, the ability to edit clips in Ableton Live's Arranger, a brand new Sample Browser to incorporate a user's personal library of sounds into their productions, a Custom Instrument Type feature for the Max for Live patch, and an upgraded Clip Selector feature for the Ableton Live 9 Max for Live patch.
What’s New in v1.4

BeatForm Editing -- The BeatForm Edit feature lets users draw or paint with clusters of notes directly on the arranger.  Click-and-drag across a track in the Arranger to draw or paint with clusters of notes.

Arranger Clip Selection -- Users of the Max For Live patch for Ableton Live 9 use Liquid Rhythm to edit clips in Live's Session view. As of v1.4, users can also select MIDI clips in Live's Arranger view to bring Liquid Rhythm to their Live environment, allowing them to edit while they arrange.

Sample Browser -- The Sample Browser is a new tab in the Library that contains customizable paths to the audio samples users have curated-- this feature lets them use their own samples with Liquid Rhythm’s creative tools. Compatible file types include MIDI, WAV, and AIF. All they need to do to access samples is:
  1. Click the Samples tab in the Library.
  2. Click the Add Folder button at the bottom of the pane.
  3. In the window that appears, navigate to the folder containing your sample library and click Open.
Custom Instrument Type -- Custom Instrument Type is a new addition to Liquid Rhythm v1.4, benefitting users of the Max For Live patch. It lets users choose instrument family types for their tracks to make full use of Liquid Rhythm’s pattern suggestion feature, and it works with Ableton Drum Racks or any 3rd party drum sampler.

What’s Improved in v1.4

Clip Selector -- The Clip Selector is a list containing shortcuts to clips in the Live session view. It can be used to select and edit Live clips in Liquid Rhythm without needing to switch between programs.

For more information on Liquid Rhythm v1.4, check out this YouTube video.
About WaveDNA
WaveDNA is a Toronto-based music software development company with the goal of designing and building the next generation of innovative virtual instruments. Founded in 2010 by CEO Douglas Mummenhoff and Vice President/Lead Inventor David Beckford, the company operates with a vision to create virtual instruments that dramatically streamline the composition process for songwriters, producers, and composers.

About Liquid Rhythm Software
Liquid Rhythm is a beat generator, sequencer, and software controller for MIDI-based music production that provides instant access to quadrillions of rhythmic patterns. Experiment with beats using a comprehensive suite of effects and see the relationship between notes with a new representation of music. Liquid Rhythm can be used with Max for Live, VST/AU/RTAS, or as a standalone application.
Liquid Rhythm
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