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Foil Balloon Weights Update

We will be no longer be stocking foil balloon weights. There are several issues that have caused that decision.
 - They are an import from China and availability is a challenge.
 - Costs of concrete and imports in general have caused a more than 50% increase in base cost.
 - Shipping costs have increased dramatically as well.

These factors have caused the potential landed cost of this item to increase by more than 50%. After consulting with various customers we have been told that they would quit buying this item and move on to other, more cost effective, solutions.

Basalite Wire Dobie Concrete Bricks provide a solution. While there is an increase in your labor costs, your material costs are way cheaper.

Dobies come in 2"x2"x2" and 3"x3"x3" sizes with wires you can use for attachment. Check your local home improvement store in the concrete department. In our area they are as low as 50 cents each and cheaper by the pallet. To avoid tears from paper or film coverings, use fabric to cover the blocks. Fabric can be purchased really cheap if you're willing to buy remnants. When fabric stores have a small remaining quantity of a fabric they sell it at discounted prices. That "small quantity" can be several yards and enough to cover a bunch of weights.

We hope you are well and safe!
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