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What is your opinion on balloon releases?
  • Should our industry oppose any bans on releases? After all, balloons are biodegradable and make money for small businesses.
  • Should our industry support a ban on balloon releases? After all, it is litter and an environmental issue.

The Balloon Council represents our industry in these legislative fights. There is currently legislation in New Jersey, USA and Western Australia being considered to ban balloon releases. While it is the factories that directly fund The Balloon Council (TBC), all of us in the industry indirectly support TBC as that expense is part of the cost of our balloons.

Pastor Andrew Weaver is a pastor and part time balloon entertainer who also does a podcast about balloons. In Episode 73 from 5:08 to 21:06 Andy discusses his views on the industry’s current position against banning balloon releases.

He first points out that an extreme reaction to an extreme action is not necessarily the best response for an industry organization. He cites PETA as an example.

He says that while good quality latex may be biodegradable, it is litter if it ends up someplace it's not supposed to be. Just as dog poop or a banana peel may be biodegradable, they don't belong in your front yard. He also believes we have a stewardship responsibility to the environment.

You can listen to The Jam Room Podcast here.

To be sure TBC is representing the industry's current opinion on this subject. Please express your opinion on this subject to TBC. Let's take a moment and do a double check to make sure they are representing our opinion, whatever that turns out to be. Express your opinion by sending an email to

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