Are your work requests all high priority?

This is a common occurrence for organizations that have not clearly defined their priority guidelines for work requests (or don't enforce the guidelines).  When all work is given a priority of 1 or 2 the result is a reactive work environment. 

If this is your reality and you want to break the cycle you should begin with implementing these key elements in 2019:

Define priority rules

Operations and Maintenance must work together to clearly define priority rules.  Get a jumpstart by downloading our priority guidelines

Educate key people

about the importance of using the right priorities.  They must understand the costs of break-in work vs. planned and scheduled work.  Work management planning and scheduling training.


a person to review work requests.  We suggest the role of Operations Maintenance Coordinator (OMC) to review all work requests AND change priority if the request doesn't match the guidelines. 
Learn more about the role of OMC.
You should include Awareness training of best practices in work management planning and scheduling for the entire organization.  This will ensure everyone understands the consequences of emotional priorities.  
Learn more about breaking the circle of despair!

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