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Fire Prevention Campaign - The work continues.
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It’s already December! Time to send you this message about the status of the Fire Prevention Campaign and to make the last kind request for your support as the work continues. We are well on our way to reach the work and funding goals but we are not there yet so please consider contributing!

So, how has it been going with the Fire Prevention Campaign so far?
Very good! It has been a truly heartwarming experience to receive the donations from all the corners of the Moinhos network. THANK YOU for your support!! With the help of these donations it has been possible to hire a work crew, purchase special shrub removal tools, hand tools and gloves for groups projects and provide room and board for volunteers that come and help. Both the monetary and labor/time donations are going a long way. A BIG thank you to all the people who lent a hand. We could not have done this without you! 

An overview of the work that has been done this year.

Zone 1. Heart of the Moinhos.
In this central area of the quinta the focus has been on cleaning activities in accordance with the new federal regulations: remove (non-fruiting) trees and shrubs that are within 5 mtrs of the houses and remove an x number of shrubs and trees in a circle of 50 mtrs from the houses to create openings between vegetation, preventing the spreading of fire.


Zone 2. Land across the river.
70% of the Mimosa trees have been removed and a large part of the shrubs and brambles on the hillside. We now have a very different looking river margin area as the dense Mimosa stand across from the quinta beach is gone. We can now see the big granite rock formations and contour of the hillside. The planting of a broad leaf forest with oaks, chestnut and hazel has begun!

Zone 3. Access road.
Along a stretch of 400 mtrs of the main access road to the quinta, the low shrubs were removed on a 10 meter wide strip going up the hillside, making the road safer and freeing up the existing Oak trees. Over time the canopy of these trees will start shading out the undergrowth reducing the fuel for fire and cooling the hillside.

Zone 4. Hillside on access road.
During the weekend of November 24th, a group of 7 volunteers (office workers from Lisbon) came to the Moinhos to help with the Fire Prevention Campaign. They had found us in a random search online looking for an environmental volunteer activity. Lucky us!! The group worked on the hillside with the new Super Shrub Removal Tools pulling out brooms and they also uprooted many brambles. In the process, space was freed up to plant oak, chestnut and hazel trees and seeds.   

Pull them out once and for all!
We are so excited to now be working with Pullerbears! The donations have made it possible to buy two of these tools, good for a lifetime, especially designed for uprooting woody plants. The usual practice in Portugal is cutting back shrubs (mainly brooms) but that is very inefficient as they grow back within a year or two. Pulling them out takes more time but it has a long-lasting effect. Other benefit: in the loose soil from where the shrubs were pulled out trees and seeds can be immediately planted. That’s fun work!   
As long as nature keeps growing and fires remain a part of the reality here we will be working on fire prevention. The extra effort of cleaning and planting related to the campaign will continue into 2019 and we hope to raise the funds we aimed for before the summer. With these funds we can hire extra help, hire a wood chipper and host more volunteers. Our goal is to completely remove the dry shrubs before the next fire season starts.

Thank you in advance for considering Moinhos do Dão during the so called ‘giving season’. You can read more about the campaign on our
website. Wishing you happy holidays and closing of the year and hope we can stay in touch in the following years!

Warm greetings, Freya & Steve
Care for the earth and it will take care of you.

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