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What % is your heart invested in living and loving your life?

This paragraph in a book called, Deep Immunity, by Dr. Anthony Godfrey, created incredible changes and shifts for me.  Worth posting the paragraph for you to read...

When this book landed in front of me a few weeks ago, I realized I could either ignore the loud reaction from my body, or honor the reaction, and read the book.  Fortunately, I choose the later.

The whole book was an education in itself in so many ways.  It contributed to helping me understand my immune system better. I now have more respect for tinctures, adaptogens, supplements, all professionals that work in this area, and even individuals that follow this path.

After reading the above paragraph, and especially this sentence: "
What it takes to access it is to desire it in the depths of our heart".  I had to stop reading and go for a walk to process the significance of this. I knew this was significant in the way my body and my emotions were reacting. I also realize there was a new awareness here that I was ready to create space for. 

On my walk, I started talking to my dad.  He died at the age of 60 in 1987, of an aneurysm. It exploded near his heart, and he died within 48 hours. I'm 57.  I told him that although I loved him, I asked to clear out any and all interference, any judgements he had of his life and his death, that I may have owned, towards my own health and well-being; my life.  Then it was time to talk to my mom. My mom died at the age of 80 in 2012.  Her heart valves weakened to the point of contributing to her organs (slowly) shutting down.  I told her the same; that although I loved her, I asked to clear out any interference from her, any judgements she had of her life and her death, that I may have owned, towards my own health and well-being; my life. 

Up until that point, it didn't occur to me that I may be allowing them to interfere with living and loving my life. Interesting how this is something I often check into with clients, yet I'm not clear if I offered myself the same service to this extent.

I re-read the paragraph several times over the rest of the weekend, as well as finished reading the book.  I ended up talking to a friend on Monday about the book, and especially about that paragraph, and the clearings I offered myself.  During our chat, something triggered me to tap intuitively into my heart, to find out what percentage I was invested in my life. Just playing with this question was powerful on it's own.

When the phone with my friend ended, I sat with this intention, and what came up surprised me.  I (only) had an 80% desire for living and loving my life. Some would say that's a pretty good percentage, yet for me, it triggered questions of what was within the 20% of not being invested in my life, my overall wellness?  What was holding me back from 100% invested in ME?  Which can be also recognized as 100% invested in living this life to the fullest, vs. coasting, or existing, or just getting by.

I decided to auto-write, to have an idea of what the 20% was made up of. I had a dozen or so suggestions channel through.  I didn't go into judgement as to why I was holding on to these. After going through the list, one item at a time, clearing it out, I checked in with my heart, and at this point, I was at approximately 93-95% invested in ME. Digging deeper to find out what else could be holding me back from 100% invested in living and loving my life, what channeled through had me in tears.  I realized at that point, I was in denial how much this dynamic 'hurt' me when they happened, and how much I was allowing it to hold me back from 100% living.

Both my daughters left home when they were 15.  They're approximately 2ish years apart.  When the oldest one left, she moved in with her dad.  I barely had a few hours notice that she was moving out.  I just remember being devastated for various reasons, yet putting on a brave front.  With my youngest one, that day she left, her and I ended up in a battle of me basically enforcing my integrity demands. After our argument, we both went about our business around the house, and I was not prepared for her to find me and tell me she made plans to move in with her friend.  Again, devastated, yet I put on a brave front. 

Their teenage years weren't the easiest and although I was in a common-law relationship, in many ways, it still felt like I was a single mom, shouldering most of the parenting stresses myself, and definitely wasn't prepared for 'my kids' having so much teenage drama. I was also surprised at my own drama reacting to their drama, at that time.

Although they both ended up moving back within a few months, and my relationship with each daughter improved, what I didn't realize was years later, all this would still be somehow part of me, to the depth of hindering my living-life-to-the-fullest choices. 

What I finally realized and embraced, is that I reacted to their choices of leaving, from a continuation point from when their dad decided he wanted out of the marriage. Even though I dealt with/made peace with/cleared out a lot of the emotions attached to a break up of a marriage, I still had residual baggage. I realized part of my reaction to their choices was comparing them to the marriage break up: they were also leaving me; again I felt like a major failure (I couldn't make my marriage work, nor was I a good parent); and I also re-felt like they were discarding me.  After the tears subsided, I was grateful for having these emotions, these loops, this trauma surface to have the choice to clear it all out. Especially the residual trauma of them also 'breaking my heart' - actually worse in ways then when the first marriage ended.   

Once I did all this clearing, I reconnected with my heart and not only was it at 100%.. I was shown it was at 100+%!!!! 
That '+' was the icing on the cake clearing out all that was ready to be cleared out. 

Since then, I tap into my heart regularly, and if it's not at 100%, I start asking questions, and then clearing out what surfaces.  Since offering this gift to myself, I've noticed a difference in me, in my life, and my choices.  The way I can explain the changes to you, is that I do feel more invested in my life, in my wellness, perhaps a bit more confident than I was before.  It also seems like my intuition, my awareness, is more clear.

No doubt, there are still more ways to discover, to invest in my living and loving my life.  For now, I'm soooooo grateful for how that book ended up in front of me; and the one powerful sentence within the powerful paragraph, that started this deeper healing rolling.

So.. you may be wondering how I cleared out these emotions/loops/trauma?  Here's are a few self-care tools I offer myself (sometimes just one self-care tool was enough), as well as I've added other suggestions (no doubt there are hundreds of other options as well):

Find out your percentage however way works for you.  For me, I just asked my heart "in percentage out of 100 being the highest invested, what percentage am I invested in my wellness, in living". and I am intuitively 'shown' a number.  Some people are more comfortable with muscle testing.  Some with a pendulum. Whatever works for you.
  1. Offer yourself forgiveness for creating the judgement, the trauma. We make the choice to be hurt by others, and to keep that hurt, even unknowingly.
  2. Say "I am ready to clear out 'fill in' from all of me, in all direction of time, in all dimensions". Or use your own wording.
  3. Depending what your belief system is, invite God into this as well.
  4. Incorporate clearing statements, and/or clear out distractor implants.
  5. Clear out ego interference with Reiki, Crystals, prayers, or whatever your choice is.
  6. Send (Usui/Kruna) Reiki healing (with or without symbols) back to that timeframe, to clear out the trauma on all levels.
  7. Acknowledged it. I didn't beat myself up for holding on to this for so long; or even for creating this upset, and holding on to it.  I was just grateful it surfaced so I could clear it out.
  8. Meditate on what is holding you back from living your life. Meditate on clearing out what is holding you back from living your life.
  9. Ho'Oponopono prayer
  10. Walking/Earthing with the intention to release all that no longer serves you. Always nice to offer a healing to the Earth if you do this. See it as an exchange/swap/gifting&receiving.
  11. Talk to a friend, and/or qualified counsellor, and/or qualified life coach, of some kind.
  12. Receive a wellness session from a reputable facilitator with the intention of clearing out all that no longer serves you, especially if you are more aware now of what you desire to clear out.
  13. Don't take other people's choices personal; other people's choices, our kids choices, are their paths, not ours. Our choice to create self-inflicted trauma and drama from other's trauma and drama.
  14. As mentioned, no doubt there are many many other options as well.
I will continue this self-care tool of checking in with my heart occasionally, to see what my 'living-life-investment-%' is at, especially after an upset, as we all know some upsets stay within and fester..  sometimes for just a few minutes, a few hours, a few days, a few weeks, a few months, and sometimes for years, even lifetimes, if we allow it. 

If it resonates, give this a try.  See how much more invested you are in your life.  Even if you only notice a slight improvement.. that slight improvement is still an improvement :)  See how much more you contribute to your whole being (physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and energetically). This will even help others, as those that are ready, will learn from you.  How does it get better than this!

Embrace all the freedom and possibilities this will offer :)

I would love to hear your feedback.

and p.s. my daughters have grown into lovely adults.  Who am I to say that their teenage drama and experiences, although choices I wouldn't have wanted for them, didn't contribute to this.  And best of all, THEY survived their teenage years. I am very grateful for that.

Enjoy your summer!
Enjoy YOU!
Enjoy living and loving YOUR LIFE!

Have fun with this newsletter! 
Who knows how this will expand your awareness around you.
Share it with your friends, if this contributes to your overall wellness in any small or grand way.

Happy Infinite Possibilities!




Find what works for you, and continue to learn more, to find even more possibilities.  We are constantly shifting, constantly evolving.  As long as we are always embracing new choices, then there is always a chance to embrace more possibilities.  

All this contributes to self-care!


What is the universe showing us is possible, beyond any expectation??

Ask the Universe for a miracle today.. and be open to what is offered. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter... I do appreciate you, and your contribution towards me, and all that is possible for us to change and create together ...

The best choice to recognize is we have infinite possibilities all the time.

Be visible so your possibilities can see you!

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Easy Morning Stretch Routine

I posted this a couple of weeks ago for Wellness Wednesday, and it's worth posting here as well. I picked a random morning stretch routine video that jumped out at me to share. I have a short routine that I like to do in the morning as well, and when I do them, I do feel better getting out of bed with more ease. 

There are 5 basic stretches to offer your body before you get out of bed.

1) Full Body Stretch - 5 breaths, release, repeat
2) Knees to Chest Stretch - 10 breaths, release
3) Supine Twist to the left, 5 breaths, release; then to the right (or vice versa).
4) Sit up & Stretch Toes and Legs - reach forward and gently stretch your body, muscles
5) Cross Legs Over & Spinal Reach - Reach arms up, straighten your back, interlock fingers with palms facing up, gently stretch to the right then left (or vice versa)

From my heart to yours - Happy healing!

An intuitive overview for this month

Before selecting a card, I asked 'what card and message would offer the most space and possibilities to those reading it".  And here it is...

6 of Swords


The Six of Swords indicates that you are now striving to express realizations and truths which come from deep within yourself. This is the time to voice your thoughts and ideas clearly and concisely, in a way that others can understand. The old way of life is now being left behind. New horizons beckon you, and there is a sense of freshness and newness that is born from your need to investigate other, more liberating, possibilities.

This card can indicate a journey, either on the inner level, or outwardly. But the true purpose of this journey is to enable you to look within yourself, and to understand what your true aims and goals are. This gives you the freedom to move on, and to explore hitherto undreamed-of possibilities.

Question to create space and possibilities: Who or what can I be to offer clear, direct communication with ease, to others, and myself, at this time?


You will receive a 1/2 price energy session (up to 3 maximum), matching the time-frame your referral attends, (does not include past life regression, or reading), after your referral attends an energy session at regular price. 

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