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Happy May! 

A big Thank you! to everyone that made it out to QHD, at Unity Church.  I was busy at an easy pace with Spirit Guide Portraits, readings, and one Access Bar session (yes just one wellness session :)).  Thank you to those as well, that joined in energetically.  It was a fun day of socializing and being creative!  How does it get better than that! 

We are a few days into May, and now that Quantum Healing Day is over, I have a few more hours to play with today, so here is May's newsletter... 
Who and/or What are
Your Resources?

How many of us are always looking for, and embracing resources to enhance who we are? Who we be? What we are? What we be?

I know for me, I enjoy these resources as often as possible...
  • Juna and Sabine's free online Fireside Chats for 1 hr;
  • Susan Lazar Hart's free online facebook Ask Susan on Sunday for 1/2 an hour, also found on youtube;
  • KW Dowsing meet-up, once a month, usually a Wednesday for a couple of hours;
  • I also love watching Joel Olsteen's sermon's on his 1/2 hour tv show on Rogers cable, at 10am on Sundays;
  • Online classes, in-person classes - whatever attracts my attention;
  • Silence - stilling my mind, and just listening;
  • Reading or re-reading manuals from classes we've taken, or even just books (or just pages of books) that grab my attention;
  • Friends on the same path;
  • Heck, even annoying people are resources :)
  • All the unexpected resources; all the strangers that knowingly or unknowingly offers me advise, or helps me out in some way;
  • The amazing intuitives/psychics that I go to when I'm ready for a reading in any area of my life;
  • My own deck of various intuitive/tarot cards are resources as well:
  • My own inner awareness;
  • and no doubt there's more resources I would add over time.
Decades ago, I remember the first time I realized that doctors have their doctor to go to. Massage Therapists have their massage therapist they go to.  Life Coaches have their Life Coach to go to.  Counselors have their counselor to go to.  Our mentors have their own mentors they go to. And so on. It offered me the shocking discovery, that there is little chance that one person has all the answers.  

Watching Joel Olsteen today (Sunday, May 5th), he talked about our Source vs our Resources. Keep in mind, this is from his sermon, this newsletter isn't intended to insist you believe in God. How God is the Source, and everyone that delivers/offers His message; His help to us, are resources.  Yet some people, when they lose a friend, or any significant resource in their life, may end up lost and confused, as they put all their eggs into this one person, group of people, with the misunderstanding this was their source

Yet when we are always tapped into our Source through listening and asking questions, through willing to learn (or remember), then our resources never run out as we'll never see any single resource as the only source around.  Our resources may just require an upgrade at some point, as we outgrow a resource or resources.

Some will say, our main source should be our awareness - not God, not the Universe.  And this newsletter share isn't about who is right or wrong about what or who our Source is or should be. It's more the awareness of never stopping to embrace all the resources out there!  Some are free, and some aren't. No matter what, you'll be guided to what will contribute to YOU.

I consider myself conscious of awareness; conscious of choices; conscious of a higher vibration, conscious of my faith in God.  What I am very aware of is that I am still learning..  a lot.. daily.. actually every second, no doubt. Fortunately, I love to learn so that's ok with me.  Each time I choose a resource to tap into for that moment, or event, or that day, I always walk away with 'a-ha' moments, and feeling more empowered somehow.  

At times, what I'm hearing (or reading) is reminding me that I knew this, yet for whatever reason, I forgot about it.  When this happens, this re-connection usually comes with a higher level of understanding it.  Often, I'm also learning something different, and this just gets my excitement up and dancing like there's no tomorrow :)  And what I don't resonate with, I put aside vs discard it... as who knows what tomorrow will offer, what will change my point of view.

Play with these questions.. Who and what:
  • are your resources?
  • is nourishing your being?
  • is nourishing your truth? 
  • is nourishing that seed within you that is always desiring to grow, to evolve? 
  • is it time to increase or update or declutter your existing resources?
  • Are your resources working for you?
  • Are you overly dependent on one or two resources?
  • Ask yourself other questions that pop in your awareness.
Experiment with your resources. Have fun with it all.  Trust your awareness will know when you have tapped into a quality resource - even if it's a one-time-connection. Then keep asking; "who or what else can be a resource for my personal empowerment? My personal evolvement? My business ideas? My physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic being?"  Or however you phrase this/these question.  They're all contributions in their own way.
When you find an empowering resource, share it with your friends, then you become their resource, and if they find it useful, and they share it, they become someone's resource, and so on. 




Have fun with this newsletter! 
Who knows how this will expand your awareness around you.

Happy Infinite Possibilities!



Find what works for you, and continue to learn more, to find even more possibilities.  We are constantly shifting, constantly evolving.  As long as we are always embracing new choices, then there is always a chance to embrace more possibilities.  

All this contributes to self-care!


What is the universe showing us is possible, beyond any expectation??

Ask the Universe for a miracle today.. and be open to what is offered. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter... I do appreciate you, and your contribution towards me, and all that is possible for us to change and create together ...

The best choice to recognize is we have infinite possibilities all the time.

Be visible so your possibilities can see you!

Voyage of Hope
Where awareness and wellness connect.

 May 2019 Events

Reiki certification, any level, is required to participate.

Wednesday, May 8th
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM 
Investment: $10.00
Please advise of your attendance as soon as possible.
Reiki Share Details
Facebook events & details

Access Bars® or any Body Process certification is required to participate.
Wednesday, May 15th
6:00 pm to 8:30 pm 
Investment: $10.00
Please advise of your attendance as soon as possible.
Link to Access Share details
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Saturday, May 26th
9:30am to 6:00
$370.00 or half price for repeats

Pre-requisite: none
Please register 3 business days before class.

This class is intended to attract those of us that are ready to clear out judgements, limitations, anything that is holding us back from living a life free of loops, free of owning other peoples trauma and drama, free to make choices to live our life our way!

Read more about this class on the class detail link below.

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Just a heads-up for upcoming events in June...

Reiki & Acess Body Process Shares

Reiki Level I (this will be Friday evening and all day Saturday)

Reiki Level II (1 day)

Are you interested in...

Crystal Intro Workshop
Usui Reiki Classes
Karuna Reiki Classes
Pendulum Technique Class
Crystal Therapy Techniques

Axiatonal Alignment
Reiki Shares
Intuitive Guidance Readings

Contact me if there is a class you would like to see scheduled. 

Your request creates unlimited possibilities for you, me, the class, even the technique, and all those that participate..imagine that :)


A link for you...

These links are intended to offer you a different awareness, perhaps offering you different choices on a 10 second to 10 second living.. ENJOY!


Here's a link to contribute to detoxing our beings, however way it happens for us.  No idea how this works, or how much it works in one sitting.  After one sitting, or playing it in the background, be aware of any changes.

From my heart to yours - Happy healing!

An intuitive overview for May

Before selecting a card, I asked 'what card and message would offer the most space and possibilities to those reading it".  And here it is...

The Cosmos


Creativity in all forms is represented by the Cosmos. This is a sign to place your attention on creative projects . . . they will be successful. Remember that all of life is creative, and you're always co-creating with the Divine.

The Cosmos also represents the principle of infinity and the vastness of the energetic exchange of consciousness influencing all living things. This teaches us that every intention we set is, in fact, contagious, with the power to influence others. We're entangled at our deepest energetic place, so we can't help but have an effect on others from an individual level to a global one.

This is a sign to remind you to open up to the well of creativity deep within you and be mindful of your thoughts and actions: both are influencing your outer world. Most important, keep taking action toward your goals, as the Cosmos responds perfectly to manifest your highest Destiny.

Expect to be inspired and to meaningfully touch others with all that you create!

You will receive a 1/2 price energy session (up to 3 maximum), matching the time-frame your referral attends, (does not include past life regression, or reading), after your referral attends an energy session at regular price. 

Thank you for your referral! 

Details on this newsletter may change without substantial notice.

If there is a discrepancy between costs/investments noted on this newsletter and my website, 
consider my website correct.


Remember, please check VOH's facebook page for class updates.    
Thank you for your contribution towards me learning about me

Hope to hear from you soon!
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