THIRD in a series of updates about the
Eastern Apicultural Society's Annual Conference
and Short Course in 2013
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WHAT IS IT?*  Please join us at the microscope "wet lab" during EAS 2013…
Your chance to see pollen, pathogens and parasites in real time - these are no mere images!  Learn to identity pollen, whether collected from your bees' knees or found in your honey.  Does this help identify what type of nectar sources your bees visited and therefore what type of honey is in the hive?  Diagnose common bacterial and viral infections peculiar to the honey bee.  Review the life cycle of their parasites to form the basis of your husbandry decisions.   

When we perceive and make the connections at this deeper level of discovery in nature’s structure and dynamics, we become inspired.  The spirit of inquiry at this microscopic level is motivating - zoom in!  
"Sift out the splendid nuggets from chaos; and those which are revealed from those which are merely imagined."                                                                        -- 
Bernd Heinrich, author of Bumblebee Economics
This sticky board at 30X, was removed in December, after feeding syrup longer than commonly advised.  Consider the evidence: fresh, clean wax scales and mold filaments.  These may indicate young workers - and even brood - well into November, along with humid conditions, possibly created by the board impeding air flow and the water content of the syrup.  Don Coats, a member of the EAS 2013 Planning Committee, is developing this workshop and invites you to think about microscopic explorations in beekeeping.  Please reply to with your ideas and questions to explore at the microscope "wet lab"  in West Chester, PA.  August 5-9, 2013.
*Dandelion pollen; Nosema spores
Pennsylvania beekeepers will welcome you warmly!  See you in August!
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