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New Crowdfunding Portal SBMX Offers Small Business Bonds

At Locavesting, we’ve always thought the best use of Regulation Crowdfunding was helping individuals invest in local businesses. Rather than buying stock (or SAFEs) in speculative tech startups, we believed that lending money to established small businesses would become a mainstream option. Lately, that’s looking more likely, as new funding platforms emerge that cater to local businesses and...

Sustainable Investing’s Competitive Advantages

A new study shows that sustainable funds provide both financial performance and lowered risk, as well as ways to invest responsibly. Let's say you're in the market for a new toaster. You finally narrow your choices to two models that cost the same and more or less deliver the same even toast, but one of them uses less electricity and has more safety features. Which would you b...

Is it time to the roll the dice on first-time fund managers?

Over the last year, it feels that philanthropists have become the new target group tasked with a responsibility of ensuring that impact investments continue to scale at the current market pace. My attention to this trend may very well be the result of my own changed interests and focus areas, but it is an interesting conversation and pertinent for the ecosystem to follow given foundation assets...

As Investors Suggested Tying Executive Compensation to Progress in ESG / Sustainability – Can This Be Factored Into Today’s Corporate Pay Programs?

For several decades now, investors have increasingly focused on issues involving executive compensation.  Remember Graef S. Crystal?  Back in 1992 the former compensation consultant to the largest corporations became an activist focused on “excess” pay arrangements for U.S. corporate CEOs (his book was “In Search of Excess – the Overcompensation of American Executives”). Every compa...

Morgan Stanley Launches Morgan Stanley Impact Quotient™ – A Sustainable Investing Analytics and Reporting Application

The Morgan Stanley Impact Quotient™ application gives Wealth Management clients new customizable insights into the social and environmental impact of their investment portfolios Morgan Stanley Impact Quotient uses technology to provide both transparency and the ability to customize portfolios for specific impact objectives Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) announced the launch of a new sustainable i...

ESG and Impact Pacesetter Peter Greenwood Returns to TriLinc Global


Tim Nash’s Sustainable Stock Showdown: Amazon vs. eBay

Even with all the buzz around Amazon Prime Day’s discount blitz earlier this month, I didn’t join the legions shopping online. It was hard to click “proceed to checkout” while workers and employees protested in Germany, the U.K., and the U.S. A petition with 270,000 signatures was delivered to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos calling for better worker rights and for the company to cut ties with U...

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