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FLASH REPORT: 60% of Russell 1000® Are Publishing Sustainability Reports, G&A Institute’s 2018 Inaugural Benchmark Study Shows

Governance & Accountability Institute (G&A) announces the results of its inaugural study on the 2018 sustainability reporting trends of the companies in the Russell 1000 Index®.  This research expands G&A’s annual studies, conducted for the last eight years, of the S&P 500® companies to include the next 500 largest companies in the US Capital Markets. G&A Institute’...

PCV Receives $600,000 from JPMorgan Chase To Bring Good Jobs, Good Business to Entrepreneurs of Color Fund CDFIs Nationally

Amidst widening income and wealth inequality, the decline of jobs that afford working people and their families dignity, financial security, and economic mobility is one of the biggest societal challenges facing our country. Resolving this challenge will require a coordinated, multi-faceted approach, including workforce development, large corporate employers, and changes to state and federal...

Impact Finance Bulletin: retail impact investing platform shuts due to low uptake

Not so Swell – retail impact investing platform shuts due to low uptake Swell Investing, which allowed people to invest in portfolios of companies solving global challenges, like clean water, green technology and zero waste, has closed its doors. The platform helped people get started with impact investing, offering “an easy-to-use web platform and iOS app, and a low minimum investment of ...

Is it time for Canadian pension, Walmart to unload gun makers?

My heart sank when I saw the news of the recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. Even more depressing was the knowledge that these mass shootings have been an almost daily occurrence in the U.S. this year. Public response has become almost predictable. First come the obligatory “thoughts and prayers,” followed by an outcry for tougher restrictions on gun purchases. However,...

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