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For financial planners – Towards Aware and Values-Centered Investing

A Money Quotient University Course To help financial planners gain an understanding of investment options and tools that are available to help clients truly align their financial and life plans with their values. Instructor Marco Vangelisti is a 100% impact investor with a longstanding commitment to direct local investing.  He is a founding member of Slow Money and has been on the leadership...

Dramatic Change Of Direction For The Business Roundtable With Issuance Of “Purpose Statement” Signed By The CEOs Of America’s Largest Companies

The Business Roundtable is an organization of CEOs of the largest companies in the U.S.A. — firms that generate a combined US$7 trillion in revenues, employ 15 million people, invest $147 billion annually in R&D, and provide healthcare and retirements benefits for tens of millions of Americans. Member companies operate in every one of the 50 states and through the organization top busines...

TriLinc Approves New Trade Finance Investment Partner for Latin America and Africa


Trillium’s Elizabeth Levy Featured in Video: How Top Asset Managers Stay Ahead of the Pack

In May, we published a story, linked here, celebrating our All Cap Core Strategy’s Envestnet award for Impact SMA of 2019. Think Advisor and Envestnet have since created a video, How Top Asset Managers Stay Ahead of the Pack, showcasing the various category award winners including our very own Elizabeth Levy, Portfolio Manager of the... Read More The post Trillium’s Elizabeth Levy Featured ...

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