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Opportunity Zones: A Summary of the New Guidance for Investors

Paving the Way for Impact Investors & Fund Managers to Deploy Capital into Opportunity Zones: A Summary of the New Guidance by Chintan Panchal ...

Jeffrey Hollender on the Green New Deal and Why It’s the Best Vision for Change

Jeffrey Hollender is currently CEO of the American Sustainable Business Council, which has a membership network representing over 250,000 responsible business leaders committed to public policy advocacy. He is the co-founder and former CEO of Seventh Generation, which he built into a leading natural product brand known for its authenticity, transparency, and progressive business practices. Hol...

What Do Investors Think of B Corps?

What Do Investors Think of B Corps? Many entrepreneurs want to know whether becoming a Certified B Corporation and/or a benefit corporation will hurt their ability to raise capital. The evidence says no. According to research compiled by B Lab, 120 venture capital firms have invested more than $2 billion in Certified B Corporations and benefit corporations. For example, mainstream venture cap...

Corporate Renewable Energy Commitments Catalyzing Change

Last year, the world’s leading climate scientists sent a clear message: we must cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent in 10 years and transition to a carbon free economy by 2050 in order to avoid the most catastrophic impacts of climate change. One of the most important steps in achieving that goal is accelerating our transition away from fossil fueled power generatio...

SVC Report from Angel Capital Association (ACA) Summit in Chicago

Authored by SVC Team Member Jill Newbold My colleague Emily Winslow and I attended this year’s Angel Capital Association Summit in Chicago during the last week of April. We saw many SVC members, and met new investors who would like to be a part of our work as well! The opening keynote featured the inspiring Carla Harris, Vice Chair of Morgan Stanley.  She discussed the IPO Market and refl...

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