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LIIF Announces $100 Million Sustainability Bond Issuance

10x Oversubscription Indicates High Demand for Impact Investing The Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF) is excited to announce its first public debt offering with a $100 million Sustainability Bond issuance. This successful transaction, which was ten times oversubscribed, demonstrates confidence in LIIF’s financial strength, high impact and excellent team. The issuance enables LIIF to grow ...

Requiring Disclosure of Climate Change Risks Makes Sense for Investors, Companies, and the U.S. Economy

U.S. House lawmakers took an important step forward on Tuesday in protecting the American economy from the impacts of climate change. They advanced legislation that would require all publicly held companies to disclose critical information on climate-related risks in their operations and supply chains. The bill, the Climate Risk Disclosure Act of 2019, is rooted firmly in the principl...

Impact Investing: Can Funds Achieve Both Social Impact And Returns At Scale?

The following article was published by the London School of Economics and Political Science online in the LSE Business Review. Click here to view. Helping the common good while making money is difficult but possible, with robust methodologies to identify and seize such opportunities, write Feng Li, Gianandrea Giochetta and Luigi Mosca Popular opinion has it that ‘investing for th...

Foundations and impact investing: Why the heck is it taking so long?

When Felix Oldenburg shifted his career from social entrepreneurship to philanthropy, he had high hopes for the role of foundations in financing social ventures. After three years leading a network of 4,500 foundations, those hopes are yet to materialise. But, he writes, it’s not time to give up yet: foundations can become serious impact investors by innovating with their endowments...

Impact Investing Institute appoints its first CEO

Elizabeth Corley and Harvey McGrath, chairs of the new Impact Investing Institute, are pleased to announce the appointment of its first chief executive officer, Sarah Gordon.  The Impact Investing Institute, which was announced on 3 June 2019, will look for more effective ways to combine financial returns with a social purpose to help improve people’s lives. It plans to build on the UK’s h...

Gender Equality: Committed to Elevating Women in Business and Society

Gender equality – one of the four key global megatrends BNY Mellon addresses in its 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report – improves lives, families, communities and economies. It is a key tenet of BNY Mellon’s diversity and inclusion strategy and social investing work. The company strives to hire more women at all levels, advance women’s interests and support investm...

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