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A Seed to Stalk Future: Financing America’s Grain Economy

The idea of “nose-to-tail” dining, shorthand for using as much of an animal as possible, has no field-grown counterpart. What about the grains that make up so much of our agricultural production and diet? Where is our “seed to stalk?” Crafting a Sustainable Grain Cycle In Maine, a collective of innovative businesses is making sure that grain is valued from field to glas...

Investment With a Conscience: The Rise of Pension Fund-Based Impact Investing

The democratisation of impact investment and the link to inclusive business ...

Low Income Co-Living Offers a Solution to the Affordable Housing Crisis

Call it a co-op for renters, or boarding house 2.0. Startup PadSplit, based in Atlanta, has a novel approach to solving the affordable housing crisis: shared homes, with private bedrooms for residents (or members, as they’re called), fixed utility costs and a business model that makes it all profitable for property owners. While many co-living startups target affluent and mobile Millenials, ...

BNY Mellon Launches Its 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report

Societal and environmental shifts continually reshape the future and present exciting new opportunities for BNY Mellon’s businesses and stakeholders. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) empowers BNY Mellon to invest in these possibilities and use their reach, market influence and resources to address pressing world challenges by allocating resources to have the greatest impact around the world...

2019 Best 50 results

Every year, Corporate Knights ranks Canadian companies with an annual revenue of over $1 billion on up to 21 indicators. Below is the Best 50 summary chart for 2019, including the clean revenue result for each company, which is percentile-ranked against industry peers and weighted at 50% toward the overall score.   For complete scores, return to 2019 Best 50 landing page and click on "f...

UK social investors must address dangerous inequality levels, new report demands

A “big mental shift” is needed among social investors if they are to address inequality – including actively seeking out campaigning groups and other equality-focused organisations for their portfolios. This is the message of Equality Impact Investing: From Principles to Practice, a report published on Wednesday by the Equality Impact Investing Project, created in 2016 with funding f...

New independent institute to push impact investing, influence policy

A new independent body is being created to advance impact investing and to promote the UK as a world leader in this field. Announced today by the government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and the Department for International Development (DFID), the Impact Investing Institute will be independent of government. It is due to open this autumn, with location to be dete...

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